Outsourcing Your Email Support – How a Call a Center Can Help

There’s nothing worse than spending hours on hold, is there? That tinny muzak, the pause that means somebody might pick up but doesn’t, then more muzak. It’s the worst experience you can give your customer.

You may have the best product or service out there, but unless your lines of communication are streamlined, you may not see the business growth you’d like. And email support is one of the key aspects that can take your business to the next level.

By outsourcing your email support to a call center, your business is buying into expert communication. It’s a great way to prioritize your customer service and streamline your business in one go.

And here are our top reasons why you should outsource email support to a call center:

1. Time-saving customer support

There are a couple of ways outsourcing can save you time.

Perhaps your company is handling all your customer support in-house and your team are struggling to cover all bases. Let a call center take the email support from your team and free up their time to man the phones, deal with online chat, and respond to social media comments.

Technology may have shrunk the virtual world but the physical world still has incompatible time zones. Your business could outsource to a call center that has different operatives in different time zones that will provide you with 24/7 email support. Alternatively, you could let a call center take your out-of-hours email support so your customers never have to wait until your office hours for a response.

Time is money, as they say. And your customers want a quick response to their queries. Loop’s operatives will quickly absorb your company’s products or services and be able to respond to any type of email inquiry. Your company and your customers will experience a dramatic reduction in the amount of email correspondence needed to resolve an inquiry saving you time and money.

2. Hire Experts

Call center companies put time and effort into hiring and training their customer support operatives to do an expert job. Whatever your product or business, you may not have the same expertise in customer service that they have.

And if you’re a start-up or a growing business it could take time for you to get there. Call centers have spent the money to make their team the best they can be at all forms of communication including email support. They can be the expert you need until you’re ready to go it alone or if you decide to stay with them indefinitely.

Here at Loop, our email support agents go through a rigorous selection process and our training is second to none. Our operatives are specialists in their field and their expertise is reflected onto your business. We set the bar high so that your company can reap the rewards of a swift and efficient email support service.

3. Grow Your Business

You’ve got a product or business you’re proud of and it’s set to get big. Well done, you! But your customer support needs to grow, too. And with that comes the worry about the workforce needed to provide great customer support.

Don’t worry! You can still grow your business without growing your infrastructure or workforce by outsourcing your email support to a call center. This way, you have an expert partner that can support you as your company grows.

By outsourcing your email support to a call center such as Loop, you’ll reclaim the time that your employees spent in email communication. You can leave the communication to us and redirect your company employees to other tasks that can maximize your business expansion.

4. Save Money

A customer support team are essential for business efficiency. But that comes with a huge investment if you want to do it in-house. It’s more than just the workforce investment. It’s the insurance, training, healthcare, perks, sick pay, and other costs related to that workforce. And that’s before we even talk about the infrastructure, technology, and security measures that are needed with any tech support but especially email.

You can buy into that email support by outsourcing using call center expertise without investing a penny in hiring staff, training them, or investing in the infrastructure needed to run that service.

5. Build Brand Trust

Building brand trust is HUGE. Customers want authenticity and they want an individualized customer experience. You can give that to them by offering fantastic email support.

Having a great email customer support team is essential for a healthy business reputation. If your business can respond to queries quickly and efficiently, you’ll retain that customer and their future support.

And one of the ways you can build that trust is by outsourcing your email support to a call center. You can tailor your customer experience through your partnership contract. And this way, your customers know their query is being dealt with by a company that cares about their needs.

Sometimes email responses can come way down the list of your company’s priorities as it is less immediate than phone or chat communication. This can create an unnecessarily negative impression with your clients. Loop Contact Solutions will make sure your email support responses are as efficient as your other lines of communication and that the trust your customers place in your brand doesn’t miss a beat.

6. Safety Infrastructure

Dealing with confidential customer information requires an incredibly robust security system.

You can either spend time and money investing in top-of-the-line security systems to support your email support systems (and spend more as your business grows), or you will have to go back to basics if your security systems have been set up with outdated tech or knowledge. And if there’s a leak, you’ve got a considerable security liability on your hands.

A reputable call center will already have an audited and streamlined security system that you can rely on. And by outsourcing your email customer support to them, your security solutions are covered too.

Because we are proud of our own reputation, security is a top priority for Loop Contact Solutions. Our services and security systems welcome in-depth internal and external audits and receive high scores regularly. We are also PCIDSS-certified and compliant with US Federal and State Do Not Call Lists, the Telecommunications Privacy Act, and other related regulations.

And your company can benefit from other security measures we have in place if you want to follow a communications trail. All email communications are easily accessible, available, and securely stored for you should you need them.

7. Smart Spending

As your business grows you’ll have to invest. But it’s not so much what you spend your money on but how wisely you spend it. You can horizontally expand your business while saving money depending on what email support service you outsource to.

By investing in the services of overseas call centers, you may be able to save money on large-scale investments. If the call center has native or near-native-speaking service personnel, you can guarantee you’ll be getting literate and intelligent customer support no matter where they are based.

And if you found outsourcing your email communications to a well-respected contact service such as Loop, you may see the potential in extending your contract to include all of your customer support as part of your long-term growth forecast. Our email customer support agents are dedicated to being as knowledgeable about your business or products as your current employees and could offer greater levels of productivity.

This might enable you to redeploy your current customer support within your business or reduce your current workforce spending significantly. And that means your company could free up its capital to expand the business in other areas.

8. White Label Anonymity

No one needs to know that your email support is provided by an outsourced call center. Your partnership with your customer service provider could give you white label anonymity. This means you claim the email support services of your call center partner but under your own business name.

There’s nothing underhand about this – it’s standard practice for many businesses. And it’s an efficient way for you to prioritize customer service by outsourcing to experts while allowing you to focus on the things your business does best.

Not only will Loop’s email support agents take time to get to know your business products or service intimately, but we can also tailor your responses to suit your company. We’ll provide email support on your behalf using your business’s unique branding. Plus, we’ll partner with you to provide unique and exclusive email templates that work best for your company and your customer’s.

There’s so much potential for your business to shine through outsourcing your email customer support to a call center. You’ll enhance your customer experience, save time, and acquire an expert partner throughout your business journey.

Loop Contact Solutions know that customer service can be a headache for businesses at any stage in their growth. So, outsource your email support to Loop and we’ll provide you with a faultless service.

Contact us to discuss your business needs – we’re proud to be the experts in finding the best customer support solutions.