The Filipino Advantage: What Makes Filipino Call Centers Stand Out?

Working with a Philippines call center is advantageous. Over 96% of consumers factor customer service into their purchasing decision. If you’re a business owner or stakeholder who wants to outsource its call center needs, it’s impossible to deny the Filipino advantage.

The advantages of working with a Filipino call center include but are not limited to:

Filipino Call Center Hospitality and Patience

Call center workers are under immense pressure. Multiple calls, wait times and having people on hold can cause customers to become less than pleasant. The Filipino culture is known for being:

  • Happy
  • Hospitable

In the face of an angry customer or a complex problem, these call center specialists know how to calm the customer, offer resolutions rapidly and maintain the highest hospitality possible.

Customers want to speak to someone who is compassionate and willing to resolve their problems. Filipinos offer the respect, patience and kindness necessary to solve problems quickly and keep customers – or potential customers – happy.

High-quality Work at a Lower Cost

Running a call center in-house is expensive. You need to cover an array of costs, such as:

  • Office outfitting
  • Equipment purchases
  • Maintenance
  • Employee benefits
  • Etc.

Hiring an offshore team allows your business to trim its overhead, maintain consistency and scale operations effortlessly. Philippine call centers are well-versed in the latest technology and training.

You’ll pay one low fee while the call center handles all of the employee training, upfront costs and benefits.

Call centers are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Philippines. Companies offering call center services have a vast workforce and the logistics in place to reduce wait times, speed up resolutions and keep your customers happier.

Companies receive high-quality work at a lower cost when they work with Filipino call centers.

In many cases, the cost of outsourcing call center needs to a Filipino company is 50% cheaper than keeping operations in-house.

Skill and Dedication

Working in a call center is a career choice for many in the Philippines. The call centers offer expert training, good wages and benefits. Employee turnover remains low, allowing businesses to offload their call center needs to a team with the utmost:

  • Dedication to learning about your company, policies and call center requirements
  • Skill to adapt to your needs and provide the best experience to your customers possible

The Filipino advantage exists because of the employees who dedicate their day to the industry. You’ll work with a team that knows how to “talk to people.” Every call is unique and will require a skilled approach to ensure that customer satisfaction remains high.

Employees with years of experience in the field will recognize caller concerns and rapidly resolve issues with the utmost professionalism.

Proficient in English

Did you know that the Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world? Over 95% of the population speaks English. The language is one of the official languages of the Philippines.

Proficiency in English will allow your company to benefit from a call center that:

  • Speaks your customers’ language
  • Can navigate complex issues with greater ease

Many call centers even train their employees to mask their accents as much as possible. The ability to mask an accent means that your customers will never know that you outsourced your call center.

A Highly Educated Workforce

Advanced education is crucial to the Philippines’ rise in outsourced call centers. The country has a high percentage of advanced education, last reported at 64%. Students from across the world come to the country to expand their education and learn the skills they need to enter top positions in the global workforce.

Well-spoken and highly educated call service agents will be responsible for:

  1. Answering customer calls
  2. Solving customer problems
  3. Call escalation

On top of the country’s high level of education, employees are required to undergo in-depth training.

In-depth Employee Training

Filipino call centers spend time and resources to train their employees in all areas of customer service. You’ll find that every center is different, but the leading centers offer in-depth training that includes:

  • Product or service training so that they can rapidly answer questions without the need for knowledge bases
  • Customer retention training to help you reduce customer turnover and increase revenue
  • Strategic customer acquisition training to help convert inbound and outbound sales
  • Much more

In-house operations are complex to manage and will require a massive upfront and continual cost to keep employees properly trained. However, when you work with a world leader in call center support, you can be confident that their employees undergo:

  • Initial training to follow best practices and resolve customer issues
  • Continued education and training to stay on top of the latest industry advancements

We cannot stress enough the importance of retention and sales training for a call center.

Trained for Retention and Sales

Filipino call center agents are trained not only to provide exceptional support but also to assist with retention and sales.

Retention is crucial to the success of a business. Why?

As a general rule of thumb, 80% of a business’s revenue comes from 20% of its customers. Repeat customers drive a large portion of revenue for most businesses. For this reason, it’s crucial to retain as many customers as possible.

In fact, a simple 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 75%.

Call centers in the Philippines offer retention services that can help keep customers around. Agents will stay on top of every issue that arises. For example, if a customer wants to cancel your service or if their subscription has expired, agents will work hard to convince them to renew or change their mind about canceling.

Agents at call centers can provide a variety of retention services, including:

  • Cancellation prevention
  • Saving expiring subscriptions
  • Winning back former customers

Along with retention services, Filipino call centers offer sales services. They’re staffed with talented sales agents that have experience in inbound and outbound sales, including strategies, sales scripting and tactics.

The sales and retention services provided by these call centers can improve performance greatly.

Masters of Appointment Setting

The agents at Filipino call centers have mastered the art of appointment setting, helping clients enjoy a consistent stream of prospects.

Agents can generate key decision-makers and customers from your lead pipeline and at a low cost per appointment.

Appointments are an effective way to convert prospects, and call center agents can assist with connecting more prospects with your top sales agents.

Support Beyond Calls

Call centers in the Philippines can offer support that goes beyond customer calls. Agents can also answer customer questions or solve problems via email, chat or other channels.

Agents are tech-savvy and well-trained in how to use these channels for support purposes.

Offering multi-channel support is crucial to providing a positive customer experience. Customers have the option to contact you on their preferred channels and get the help they need.

Along with multi-channel support, Filipino call centers will take a more tactical approach to support, sales and retention. For example, at Loop Contact Solutions, we create and customize processes for every product that we support and for every communication channel.

Our team also focuses on sales and retention, and we strategize to ensure that clients see results.

Because we provide fully managed call center services, we can provide support that goes well beyond calls. We can take a proactive approach to support and sales through strategic planning.

Focus on Customer Growth

A Filipino call center can do more than offer customer support. They also support customer growth. At Loop Contact Solutions, we offer cross-selling and upselling services via dedicated outbound call campaigns.

  • Upselling encourages customers to purchase a comparable, higher-priced product than the one they’re currently using. For example, upgrading to a different subscription tier or purchasing additional features or add-ons.
  • Cross-selling encourages customers to purchase products that complement the primary product.

Upselling and cross-selling campaigns can be integrated into your inbound calls and customer support interactions. Because all of these actions are carried out by a single call center and team, customers receive a consistent and seamless experience with your brand.

Incorporating cross-selling and upselling services into the mix will allow you to grow your revenue while ensuring that customers’ needs are met.

Cross-selling alone can increase a customer’s lifetime value by up to 14%.

Through the integration of upselling and cross-selling, you can provide a more positive customer experience while also solving their problems and answering their questions.

Final Word

Businesses across the world rely on call centers in the Philippines to meet their customer support, sales and retention needs. Filipino call centers stand out in the crowd because they offer:

  • An educated workforce that’s proficient in the English language
  • A high level of hospitality and patience
  • High-quality work at an affordable price
  • Experience and expertise in support, sales and retention
  • Empathy and the ability to relate to the customer

At Loop Contact Solutions, we provide fully managed call center services in the Philippines to meet your needs and provide customers with a positive experience.

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