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Boost your sales with appointment setting

We regularly create and manage high-quality appointment setting services with dedicated agents who produce a steady stream of qualified, attended appointments, at a low average cost per appointment for our clients. Our agents have specific strategies and tactics to increase results and reduce the number of people lost at every stage.

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What do you need to improve your results with appointment setting?

The key to great appointment setting is to both generate a stream of qualified leads AND make sure you turn them into attended appointments for your salespeople.


You may need to set appointments with new customers, prospects who didn’t convert, existing current customers, former customers, former prospects – or a mix. And whether you have a B2B or B2C business, appointment setting ensures your customer is the right fit for your business. For example…

With B2C, you have appointments to see if solar power is right for a house, or what kind of health or fitness regimen makes sense for your customer. 

Or, on the B2B side, you have appointments to learn more about a SAAS offering, how to improve your manufacturing lines, marketing services, and so on.


For any type of business, outsourcing your appointment setting service is a great way to easily and quickly fill your salesperson’s calendar with leads. The right service will smoothly guide you through the 6 critical stages of appointment setting.


Get these right and you will maximize your appointment setting results and ROI. But get them wrong and appointment setting will not work effectively.

What’s an appointment setting service?

An appointment setting service is designed to grow your business by filling up your calendar with qualified, attended appointments that your sales team can close.
This is primarily done on outbound phone calls.
It can be also be supplemented with other channels like email and LinkedIn.
Basically, appointment setting is a funnel.
There are 6 critical stages along the funnel that can cause you to lose your appointments. To get the most out of your lead lists, you need to reduce the number of customers lost at each stage to the bare minimum.
And choosing an outsourced appointment setting service is a powerful way to make this happen.

Stage 1:

Getting your list ready. You have your leads that you want to call and set appointments for. Some of them will not be callable. The lead list must be cleaned. There are going to be bad numbers that must be fixed or removed. Everything must be checked against the Do Not Call List and Telecommunication Privacy Act (TCPA) compliance rules. This often knocks out at least a few leads, and depending on the list, might knock out a lot. At the end of this process, a clean list emerges.

Stage 2:

Dialing and reaching your leads. You have to be strategic about fully maximizing the list by dialing it repeatedly at different times of day, with different numbers, in different ways, to reach everyone who’s reachable on the list. Also, you need to be savvy about spam blockers, STIR/SHAKEN, caller ID reputation score management, and much more.

Stage 3:

Getting past the gatekeepers. A gatekeeper is anyone who answers the phone. It could be the mother … the daughter … the secretary … the operator … anyone who answers the phone who is not the person that you’re trying to reach. It’s critical to get past these gatekeepers effectively. Some campaigns don’t have gatekeepers, and if that’s so, wonderful. But in our experience, gatekeepers of one kind or another often factor into the equation, at least on some of the calls.

Stage 4:

Convince decision makers to book appointments. Once you’re on the phone with the right person, it’s time to sell him or her the appointment. However, most don’t just instantly agree. That’s because they have an objection. They may not think you’re right for them, don’t trust you, or have other objections. So, having the skill, knowledge, strategies, and tools to overcome those objections is the key to securing appointments.

Stage 5:

From product inquiries, social media, funnels, webinars, video sales presentations, your website, TV, radio, print ads, and more.

Stage 6:

Making sure your appointments are attended. No matter how many people agree to an appointment, the fact is that many will not show up. Making sure they attend in the first place, rebooking them when they miss, and making sure that they attend the rescheduled session, is critical. This is the sixth critical stage that’s often missed.

The key to navigating these 6 stages is having great people, great processes, great scripting, great strategies, great technology, and great reporting. Moreover, the entire process must be continually managed and refined. And, as new leads are put in, the funnel has to be continually improved. By outsourcing your appointment setting, you can have a dedicated team capable of managing all 6 stages.

In addition, an outsourced team can help you tackle the 3 main reasons why people don’t set and attend appointments.

These reasons are as follows:

  • Nobody asked them
  • Appointment setting call did not persuade them to book
  • They didn’t attend the appointment

Within each of these reasons lies a powerful opportunity to supercharge your ROI. And that opportunity can only be exploited with an appointment setting service. Here’s why…

  • “Nobody asked them”

Dialing the list and reaching customers takes time, effort, strategy and skill. People don’t answer their phone all the time. They’re busy, phone numbers are wrong, gatekeepers are everywhere, people screen their calls, and so on. So, it takes a systematic effort to get through a lead list and connect with each person.

  • “The appointment setting call did not persuade them to book”


Some customers you reach could say “yes” to an appointment. But the majority require convincing. And multiple approaches may be needed to secure the appointment. The key is having the right mix of professionalism, tonality, and approach. So having experienced appointments setters is critical to securing appointments.


  • “They didn’t attend the appointment”


This is a biggie. This takes strategy, reporting, tech, skilled agent time, and overall wherewithal. You need to reduce the number of people missed on the front end and recover those missed on the back end.

What makes Loop right choice for appointment setting?

With over 10 years of experience, we regularly create and manage high-quality appointment setting services with dedicated agents who produce a steady stream of qualified, attended appointments, at a low average cost per appointment for our clients.
The reason we generate more attended qualified appointments is because of our scientific approach to the 6-stage funnel.
In our appointment setting programs, we analyze every single stage, and have specific strategies and tactics to increase results and reduce the number of people lost at every stage along the journey.
We also report on the funnel using our exclusive 8-point evaluation process.

This starts with asking the following questions:


1) How many gross leads did we get?


2) Of the gross leads, how many were lost to DNC & TCPA compliance checks, list cleaning, and wrong numbers … and were we able to fix and recover any?


3) Can we adjust the compliance parameters to make more leads safely callable?


4) Of the leads we can call, what percentage were actual humans? We have strategies, methods, and tech, to reach more humans. This includes cutting edge technology for the US’s relatively new STIR/SHAKEN phone protocol, which basically means more of our calls get answered than a normal phone system.

5) Of the humans we reach, what percentage of them were the right person?


6) When we talked to a gatekeeper — the mom, daughter, secretary, or operator — how good were we at getting past them? We have ways to get around gatekeepers.


7) Once we reach decision makers — the right person you want an appointment with — how many of them agreed to an appointment? We have ways to turn more conversations into appointments.

8) (OPTIONAL question for clients who want the best fit for their product or service) — how many decision makers did we qualify? And did we qualify them properly so as not to needlessly lose someone during qualification?


9) And finally, of the appointments we book, how many of them show up? We have ways to boost the percentage of appointments attended in the first place, as well, of course, to recover appointments that were missed.

This scientific approach to the funnel enables us to achieve strong results for our clients. We outperform competitors by painstakingly analyzing and optimizing each stage of the funnel. This puts more attended appointments in your pocket and slashes the cost per qualified attended appointment to you.

What makes Loop the choice for customer acquisition?

All businesses have pain points that can lead to lost opportunities when it comes to acquiring new customers. We solve them and increase acquisition rates through high-performance, dedicated sales teams armed with the right strategies, tactics, scripts, training and tech.

Sales teams we build can:


  • Convert inbound and outbound calls to sales at the highest level;
  • Close the original sale and additionally cross sell and upsell on inbound and outbound calls;
  • Generate more money than they cost;
  • Agents do outbound sales when they’re not busy with inbound sales calls or vice versa.

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What you get

Specialist Sales, Support and Retention Call Center

Founder Jesse Rosenthal and Loop’s Senior Leadership team have decades of experience helping many of America’s biggest brands to build and run world-class support services and high-performance sales and retention campaigns.

Specialized solutions and services

We have studied the customer journey of various businesses and learned their pain points and opportunities. From that, we’ve developed 4 solutions and 13 services that increase acquisition, retention and deliver cross-sells and upsellsat key points throughout the customer journey. Our services are customized for each client, enabling us to start up new high-functioning call center services quickly.

Strategic planning and process creation

We create and customize processes for each product we will sell and support. We also plan for every communication channel, whether inbound or outbound. These are then cascaded to our agent teams via an in-depth formal training program.

  • Sales and retention services – we create strategies, tactics, offers, and more;
  • Customer support services – we create end-to-end processes, a knowledge base, call flows, quality assurance programs, and more.

Fully utilized agents who can do phone and email, or sales and support

Each agent is trained separately for each of your products and services to be able to handle both sales and support, whether inbound or outbound. We maximize agent productivity by letting them switch from inbound sales calls to email support, outbound phone to inbound sales and customer servicesand more, as needed. We do this while maintaining the highest standards in all channels and service types.

Premium management, support, and frontline agents

Our headquarters are in the center of talent in the Philippines. We select and nurture the best talents to help our clients grow. We go beyond skill and also look at compatibility. A team will be assigned to become your brand ambassadors who will know your product or service inside out. Aside from a strict 4-layer screening process, we conduct monthly refresher training programs to ensure they’re in tip-top shape while representing your brand. Our dedicated HR team knows how to pick the top market agents who have great potential. Our Operations team will train them to become top-performing agents, delivering world-class customer service and exceptional sales results.

Save money and scale your business

We give you the right number of dedicated, skilled, trained agents for your business without overstaffing (and overspending). When you add new products, websites, marketing campaigns, and customers, we expand our scope, learn about the changes, update your processes, and train the agents. As your business’ phone, email, and chat needs grow, we add agents. If you need to scale back, we can do that too.

Project launch team of senior sales and support experts

You will get a seasoned call center operations sales or support manager with extensive experience in launching new services. We will immerse ourselves in your business, build and launch your new service, and manage the team as performance ramps up, to reliably achieve great results.


We provide fully managed call center serviceswith your goals in mind. We can use your existing processes and/or create new ones for you based on your needs. We are flexible enough to help you scale your business faster.

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Why should I outsource my appointment setting service?

Focus on the big goal, perfecting your product or service, or getting the word out there, while we take care of bringing the customers to you.

We have an all-inclusive fee that takes care of everything from strategy to training to management. Reach out to us to get a quote based on what your business needs.

Any. We work with companies of all sizes, across multiple industries. Often small businesses come to us just needing an agent or two, then quickly increase to ten, or much more. Our goal is to help your company grow big, or even bigger.

We are confident in our processes. Our clients often get their ROI upfront because we continuously monitor and improve to reach your goals faster.

Our Senior Leadership team members have over a decade each of experience creating and running high-quality sales and support services. With our experience, we’ve helped small and large businesses worldwide create solutions designed to maximize your appointments. We study your business needs to deliver the best results.