Scaling Up: Managing Growth Through Call Center Outsourcing in the Philippines

Scaling a business is the most difficult aspect of owning a business. However, when business owners take advantage of all of the tools at their disposal, they can both expedite and manage the growth of their business. Sometimes, the trick to managing a business successfully is understanding how to use these tools for growth. So, how do you manage growth through outsourcing?

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about growing your business with the assistance of outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines. We’ll discuss how teams in the Philippines successfully manage tasks for companies in other countries, including the U.S., in a way that promotes business growth and doesn’t take away from current business models.

We will also cover how the Philippines is a better choice than other nations to outsource to for its highly educated and Americanized population.

What You Need to Know Before You Scale Your Business

So, you’ve decided to scale your business. That’s great news! Your business is doing well, and you’re ready to expand and start returning a bigger profit. The only problem is it can be tricky to know where to start.

Whether you are adding another physical location to your business or simply looking to take on more clients, scaling your business comes with a hefty to-do list and the potential for great rewards. Almost always, scaling your business for increased long-term growth involves hiring more employees to address tasks associated with an increased workload.

There may also be costs associated with new staff and positions you will require when having a larger customer base, such as IT solutions and customer service.

Some of the costly items you may need to consider when scaling your business include:

  • Increasing staff
  • Increasing management staff
  • Added payroll, human resources, and benefits
  • Renting or purchasing additional office space
  • Cost of training and hiring new employees
  • Purchasing equipment for new employees (computers, monitors, software)

As you may have guessed, these items are extremely costly, and the charges add up quickly. In fact, many businesses opt not to scale and generate more wealth due to not having the capital to make the appropriate changes that scaling requires. But did you know that many of these expensive additions are unnecessary for scaling a business if you make the decision to outsource?

How Do You Scale a Business With No Risks?

Scaling a business, like most activities in owning your own business, is inherently risky. So, unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that your efforts to scale will be successful. However, businesses thrive off of capital. Thus, saving money will help increase your odds of success.

We’ve mentioned that outsourcing can help a business to save money on many necessary scaling-related expenses. In this way, outsourcing can help a business to manage the growth of their business for a reduced cost and makes scaling less risky.

Outsourcing to the Philippines is a wonderful way of avoiding hiring new employees, paying for software, and overwhelming yourself and your existing staff with the tasks associated with growing a business. Paired with its money-saving benefits, using a Philippines call center could be the secret to scaling your business without risk.

What Makes the Philippines the Perfect Choice for Outsourcing to a Call Center?

There are many reasons why the Philippines makes the best choice out of other nations to outsource to. Not only does outsourcing to the Philippines provide you with the flexibility to scale your business on a lower budget, but Philippines call centers are also uniquely positioned to help grow your business.

For several reasons, Philippines call centers have gained the reputation for being the best option for outsourcing from America and other English-speaking countries. In this section, we’ll cover the various reasons why outsourcing to the Philippines helps scaling businesses to improve their rates of growth.

Close Cultural Connections to the U.S. Make The Philippines Ideal

The Philippines has very close cultural connections to the United States due to a shared history of colonialism. In fact, many people overlook the fact that the Philippines was occupied by the United States for a period of time. This occupation made the use of English widespread, and the people of the Philippines look to America for their celebrity, media, and the other wonders of Hollywood.

For example, singers and performers like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are as well-loved in the Philippines as they are in the U.S. Filipinos also speak English in astounding numbers, and unlike the residents of other nations, Filipinos speak English with an American accent instead of a British one. This makes Filipino call center workers more trusted by American clients, as most Americans cannot tell that their call center representative is located in another country.

Unlike outsourcing to other nations, outsourcing to the Philippines does not come with the same stigma. Providing a seamless experience is crucial for business growth, and Filipino call centers provide an undeniably American experience.

Filipino Call Centers Are Growth-Focused

Not only are call centers in the Philippines employing people with American accents, but they are employing workers who want to help you grow your business. Filipino call centers, like Loop Contact Solutions, recognize that the more they help you grow your business, the more your business helps grow their business. If your client base grows substantially, so will your needs, which means their call center business will grow.

Other call centers don’t think proactively in this way. Instead, they approach call center work reactively. An example of a Filipino call center that is growth-focused is Loop Contact Solutions. Loop Contact Solutions works to provide clear and concise reports often in order to develop a strategy for their client’s customer service and sales needs that works in real-time. They understand that the needs of the market change often and train their employees regularly based on the new data.

In addition to using data to track and manage the needs of clients, Loop Contact Solutions uses tactics such as cold calling, selling products, and following up on the requests of potential customers. Depending on the needs of your company, Loop Contact Solutions prides itself on being able to provide growth-centered solutions for sales, customer service, and more, including both inbound and outbound services.

Philippines Call Centers are a Cost-Effective Choice

When selecting a call center to help scale your business, it’s important that you keep our first point in mind. Businesses are restricted by a lack of capital, especially when trying to grow. Avoid choosing a call center that is unnecessarily expensive for this reason. Loop Contact Solutions estimates that its clients save 50% on normal operations costs when they sign with them instead of hiring proprietary staff.

These reported savings come from the fact that Loop Contact Solutions covers normal costs associated with maintaining a skilled staff, such as overhead, management, payroll, hiring, training, equipment, software, and building space. Without these costs, businesses can afford to invest more capital in other necessary expenditures or see improved profit margins.

Attempting to finance these costs with American employees, American rental prices, and American software prices only increases the risk your business will take on when scaling. Avoiding risk is paramount to success when making major business moves.

How Do You Choose a Philippines Call Center for Scaling Up?

Now that you are ready to scale your business, finding the right Philippines call center to support your needs is imperative. Using Loop Contact Solutions is a no-brainer as it is the Top Philippines Call Center used by American businesses. Loop Contact Solutions goes the extra mile for American business owners, providing high-quality solutions for businesses that are looking to grow.

The Filipino call center hires only the best employees, who already have previous call center experience and a formal education. After hiring, the employees are specifically trained to understand the needs of your business, which provides a personalized experience for the American consumer. This attention to detail is something you will only find at Loop Contact Solutions, and it provides an experience that allows clients to feel like the call center employee works for you without all of the costs.


Are you prepared to scale your business and see increased growth? It’s the dream of any business owner, and your dream can easily become a reality if you decide to outsource to the Philippines. Whether your needs are for customer service or sales, Loop Contact Solutions is prepared to help you staff your business expansion and scale.