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American-style call center at a fraction of American prices

The Philippines – especially our location in Manila – is full of experienced, high-quality agents. We can provide you with friendly, Americanized agents who are sharp as a tack — at a significant savings (more than 50%) over American call centers. Bottom line: you get a great team, at a great savings.

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The competitive advantage you need to grow your customer base and generate more revenue

Our Vision

We aim to become the go-to Philippine call center for businesses looking to provide high-quality American-style support and sales at a fraction of American costs.

Our Mission

Our mission first and foremost is to take care of your customers. We provide world class support, high-powered sales, and quality retention services to help you grow your customer base and increase your profits. We can provide flexibility, focus, and dedication toward your business.


Jesse Rosenthal

Founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Atty. Rowena Cabasis

Chief Operations Officer & Corporate Counsel

Christopher Camp

North American Sales Director

Byron Callas

Senior Strategic Consultant

Edmund Raymundo

Operations Director

Angelica (Lyka) Ho

Operations Manager

Phillip Maranon

Finance and Accounting Officer

Aleli Navalta

Human Resources and Administration Supervisor

Grace Angeles

Customer Support and Sales Training

Elpidio Gabriel

Senior Quality Assurance


Maximize your sales and acquisition, customer support, and retention through …

World Class Customer Support

Gain more paying customers when you get more trials. Happy customers are loyal customers. Our agents will provide world class customer service by responding promptly, showing empathy, resolving the issue, and selling where possible.

Inbound Sales

With complex calls, the prospect is intrigued, but not ready to buy. They may have questions and require more convincing. Our agents are prepared with powerful strategies to turn those calls into sales and use opportunities to cross sell/upsell.

Outbound Sales

Outbound sales can be a powerful tool to grow your business and revenue. We use strategies to increase the percentage of potential customers who answer the phone, make the right pitch/offers, and take advantage of cross sell/upsell opportunities.

Appointment Setting

Our appointment team can set qualified lead appointments for new customers, existing customers, former customers, unconverted prospects, former prospects, or a combination of these.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation team will filter out the time wasters and pass along the worthwhile names to your salespeople. If you don’t have leads, we can help you find them. Then our team will again work to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Cancellation Prevention

We regularly deliver a 25% cancellation saves rate (or more). With cancellations, we will first identify the problem, then use our retention strategies and offers to convince the customer to stay. If a client cancels through email, chat, the membership portal, or their subscription lapses, we will reach out to them by phone to convince them to stay.

Saving Expiring Subscriptions

According to Forbes, American credit cards expire every 4 years – so about 1/4 of your autorenewal customers are at risk of failed payments annually. Our agents can often recover 20% (or more) of failed autorenewals when speaking to customers.


Former customer lists can be a goldmine. We reach out to these customers, ask about their experience, fix any issues, and re-sell the product/service. If they don’t want that same product, we can offer an alternative. Our team is prepared to win them back.

What we bring to the table

Our fees are all-inclusive

There are no add-ons, extra charges, or hidden costs. What you see is what you get. We give you a flat rate to reach your goals and stick with it. That includes everything: your team, management, processes, and technology.

Strategic consulting

Building a high performance service begins with strategic planning. That means identifying who you want to sell and support, how best to speak to them, and what to do on calls and emails to achieve the outcomes you want (buy, don’t cancel, be satisfied, and so on). Our experts study your business and map this out for you.

Customized approach

We use our decades of call center experience to identify the pain points and develop target strategies to increase your customer base and grow your revenue. We customize services for each client and their company’s goals.

Dedicated agents

Your team is trained to sell your products and offer your customers support; they only work for your business. They will speak confidently and knowledgeably when talking/emailing/chatting with your customer about your products.

Adjusting your call center team to fit your needs

We can provide you with a couple of agents or a full class of agents depending on your situation. Likewise, if you want to focus on a particular area – such as sales – we can do that as well. If you prefer us to collaborate with your current call center, we can do that too.

Multichannel and multi-service support

If the phones are ringing off the hook, but live chats are quiet – our multichannel agents will jump in where they’re needed to reduce customer wait time. Likewise, multi-service agents handle both outbound sales and inbound support/sales. No agent sits idle. This is how we can maximize agent productivity.

In-depth processes (yours or ours) built specifically for your business

  • Your processes need to be customized to your business so agents can be prepared for any interaction, scenario, or hiccup during a customer interaction. Our goal is to handle each interaction at its highest level to meet your goals.

Convert inbound calls

Usually about 20% to 25% of inbound inquiry calls are complex sales opportunities. A caller is interested, but not convinced. They may have questions or want a better offer. These inquiries need to be handled just right. Our strategies/offers are designed to close the deal.

Up to 15% success rate on cross sells and upsells

Both outbound campaigns and inbound calls (new purchase, onboarding, customer support) offer opportunities to cross sell/upsell.


  • Cross sell high-priced products to other high-priced product customers
  • Upsell premium/high-priced products and services to low-priced product customers
  • Cross sell-at-birth one product of similar cost to another

Ensuring high levels of Quality Assurance (QA):

We can provide you with QA processes or use yours. Our QA team monitors inbound and outbound calls, email, and live chat. We want to ensure your customers are receiving world class treatment on all channels. Our agents regularly achieve 90% to 95%+ QA scores.

Using technology to increase answer rates

We use technology to get around AI blocking, pick out landlines from wireless numbers so we can call them separately and at different times of the day (outside 9-5), use time zoning to call during expanded hours in local time zones, and use different caller IDs to get around caller blocking.

We are sticklers for compliance

We are registered and comply with both the US and Philippine governments, as well as:

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Philippine Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Philippine Department of Labor and Employment regulations
  • Do Not Call Lists
  • Telecommunications Privacy Act (TCPA)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCDISS)

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