The Benefits Of Outsourcing Email Support For Your Business

Everywhere you look in business, entrepreneurs and organizations prioritize the customer experience by offering exceptional email support. According to a 2023 Statista survey, up to 20% of all customers contact a business through email when looking for help to unlock the benefits of their product.

Email support is a central pillar in ensuring customers have a memorable experience when interacting with your business. Moreover, the email channel is one of the most engaging methods of communicating with your customers and getting to know what they have to say about your business.

The number of businesses offering email support option for customers has grown rapidly since the explosion of digital marketing. The pandemic made even more businesses resort to email support to enhance the customer experience. However, not all businesses can execute an email support system efficiently.

Equipment and labor costs, expertise, and agility are some of the main considerations that businesses have to make when thinking of offering email support. Email support outsourcing comes in to save the day, making it easy to offer reliable email support to your customers at a fraction of the cost and with no interruption to the in-house team setup.

In this blog post, we’ll cover this important function of modern-day businesses and how it can transform your venture’s fortunes. The blog will cover the following.

  • What Is Email Outsourcing and Its Importance?
  • Why Should I Outsource My Business Email Support To The Philippines?
  • Benefits of Outsourcing Email Support
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Email Outsourcing Partner
  • Why Outsource Email Support With Loop Contact Solutions

What Is Email Support Outsourcing and Its Importance?

Email support outsourcing refers to the process of delegating your business’s email functions to a third party that handles all functions relating to customer support through this channel. Email support outsourcing is a branch of the lucrative business process outsourcing industry.

Some of the tasks that this email support partner handles on your business’s behalf include the following.

  1. Filtering and prioritizing emails
  2. Responding to customer inquiries
  3. Managing email marketing campaigns
  4. Handling spam and phishing emails
  5. Creating and sending newsletters

Email support outsourcing has become a business norm for companies and brands looking to take their customer support to the next level. In a world that is increasingly connected and where customers have multiple contact methods for reaching out to a business, the email support channel helps your business be available to customers and helps them reap maximum value from your product or service.

Outsourcing email support helps your business operate with a leaner number of core tasks that ensure you remain competitive. Moreover, freeing this email support function from your in-house team allows for fast deployment of the solution, ensuring customers can reliably get help from your customer service partner.

Why Should I Outsource My Business Email Support To The Philippines?

The Philippines is a top destination for businesses looking to outsource critical organization functions. The business processing outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines is robust, employing more than 1.3 million people and contributing over $30 billion to the Filipino economy.

The industry was nurtured in the early 90s after the opening of the first call center in the country. The Filipino government continues to offer incentives to local and foreign investors setting up business process outsourcing ventures in the country. This incentive has led to an explosion of these businesses with a global clientele from the USA, UK, and Australia.

English is one of the official languages in the Philippines and it is taught in schools. Pair this fluency in the English language with the polite nature of Filipinos and what you get is an excellent supply of customer support agents across different channels including email support.

Strong government support, a reliable supply of highly skilled support agents, and affordable costs make the Philippines the best place to find a BPO partner for your email support outsourcing needs.

Benefits of Outsourcing Email Support

The main hindrance for most businesses when considering if they should outsource their email support tasks is understanding the benefits that it brings to the business. Some of the benefits include the following.

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Focus on core competencies
  • 24/7 availability
  • Access to expertise


While the perception of many is that outsourcing email support functions is expensive, the reality couldn’t be any further from this. Email support outsourcing allows your business to save money and pick a solution that is custom-fit to utilize the available budget while offering the best service to customers.

Businesses that outsource email support to a third-party BPO partner save up to 30% in costs on average. The figure can even higher depending on the type of business and the number of email customer support queries they get each day.

Focus on Core Competencies

While each business function is important in ensuring the success of the company, specializing is key to unlocking a company’s success. Outsourcing email support is an elaborate way of freeing up time for your in-house team to focus on their core competencies.

With a reliable email support partner, your business can focus on product development and other functions that increase the value you offer to customers. Furthermore, with your business focusing on its core competencies, productivity increases, and project cycles are completed faster.

24/7 Availability

With many businesses going global, many are now attracting and serving customers from different parts of the world. Having an in-house email support team means you need to come up with elaborate structures that ensure there is someone available to respond to customer queries around the clock. The effect of this can be increased levels of exhaustion, poor email support, and resource stretching.

Partnering with a BPO can help you provide reliable 24/7 email support to your customers without affecting the in-house team’s productivity. BPO companies have employees available to work different shifts throughout the day, which ensures your customers can get timely and reliable help at any time of the day.

Access to Expertise

Professional email support services give your business access to expertise that would have been too expensive to hire in-house. Filipino email support specialists are knowledgeable in the best customer support practices and are trained to be highly empathetic to the customers’ issues.

Outsourcing email support functions allows your customers to interact with a certified customer support professional who will ensure fast and satisfactory resolution of any issues they may be experiencing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Email Outsourcing Partner

When looking to outsource email support functions to a third-party BPO partner, there are a few pointers to watch out for. Below are some tips to help you choose the right email outsourcing partners.

  1. Pricing – The email outsourcing partner you opt for should quote a reasonable price for their services with regard to your business needs. An incremental pricing plan that factors the number of email support queries is ideal.
  2. Scope – Another top consideration to make is the scope of services offered by the email support partner you want to outsource to. Email support partners that offer a comprehensive package of services including email marketing campaigns, newsletter creation, data analysis, and email list audit are the best option.
  3. Experience – For an email support outsourcing partner, their level of experience in the industry is important to consider. While newer BPOs may offer more services at a lower price, choosing a company with the right reputation emanating from their experience is better.
  4. Communication – Your email support outsourcing partner should communicate with your in-house team regularly. Probe a BPO partner’s communication policy and practices to ensure you contract a company that will act as an organic extension of your business.
  5. Security – The protection of customer data is paramount when you are outsourcing your email support functions. Check to ensure the email support provider has policies in place that ensure customer data is protected. The BPO should be ISO27001 and GDPR compliant.
  6. Scalability– Can you scale with the email support partner you want to outsource to? Answering this question honestly can help you choose a company that facilitates your business growth and ensures customer service ratings are excellent.

Why Outsource Email Support With Loop Contact Solutions?

Loop Contact Solutions is one of the top Philippines email outsourcing companies. Drawing from a wealth of experience, cutting-edge technology, and excellent business know-how, Loop Contacts is revolutionizing how businesses offer email support to their customers.

The company offers numerous services all geared towards making your email support function the best performing in your business. The scope of these services transcends customer service emails, technical support emails, product inquiries, and cancellation requests. Our services’ quality score stands at an impressive 95% and we’ve helped our customer post a 150% ROI from their email functions.

Whether your business operates in e-commerce, publishing, financial newsletters, transportation, or cosmetics and personal care delivery industries, Loop Contact Solutions is available to try risk-free for 90 days before you make a decision.

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