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Here are answers to questions commonly asked by companies considering working with us.

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What types of businesses do you help?

We cater to businesses of every kind and every size. As long as you need to acquire, retain and give support to your customers, we can surely help you.

Our key solutions are customer acquisition, customer support, customer retention, subscription management, and customer growth. Learn more about them here.

Any. We work with companies of all sizes, across multiple industries. Often small businesses come to us just needing an agent or two, then quickly increase to ten, or much more. Our goal is to help your company grow big, or even bigger.

For sales and retention services, we primarily measure our results based on revenues we generate for you, sales counts, and how much we expand your customer base. For customer service, we focus on quality, productivity, and first call resolution. We are often able to deliver an upfront positive ROI on our services. We are confident in being able to acquire more customers and provide the highest quality support.

We are confident in our processes. Our clients often get their ROI upfront because we continuously monitor and improve to reach your goals faster.

All of our Senior Leadership team members have over a decade each of experience creating and running high quality sales and support services for small and large businesses across a wide variety of industries. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned to create solutions and services that specialize in sales and retention. We put in the time and effort to study our clients’ business, products or services, and customer needs in order to provide services that deliver the best results.

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Do you have a minimum number of agents?

No minimum. Start small and scale up as needed

Yes. We typically collaborate with other in-house and outsourced teams.

We provide everything needed to launch and run your service such as:


  • End-to-end project management with a dedicated account manager
  • Strategic planning for launching the service
  • Program development including service and campaign processes, scripting, and more.
  • Hiring, training, testing, and managing your agent team
  • Setting up and managing all phone, email, and chat technology
  • Performance reporting with in-depth insights
  • Roll out and continuous improvement of service

Yes. We do inbound and outbound sales, retention, or support split tests against your in-house, outsourced, or foreign teams.

We recommend 90-day tests to get the team and service up to speed. Results are often seen as early as day 1, rapidly improving every week.

We use state-of-the art technology such as:

  • RingCentral
  • VICI
  • Zendesk Ticketing
  • Zendesk Chat
  • Salesforce
  • Advantage CS
  • Braintree
  • Stripe

Since we’re based in the Philippines, you’re likely to save 50% or more compared to having a call center in the United States. Reach out to us for a custom quote here.

Yes. We offer sales-focused services that can work alongside your other services, with your other teams.


How are you delivering safe and uninterrupted service during the COVID Pandemic?

We have both in-facility and remote teams working from home to deliver high quality service to our clients. Both teams have the same technology and training to ensure smooth coordination. You have the option to opt for just in-facility agents, or a combination of both.

Yes. We are PCIDSS-certified and compliant with US Federal and State Do Not Call Lists, the Telecommunications Privacy Act, and other related regulations.

We work 24/7/365 to provide coverage whenever you need it. We can accommodate any fixed hours, plan staffing according to your subscribers’ local time zones, and adjust based on call, email, and chat peak volume hours to optimize sales and productivity.

We offer zero-commitment, 90-day trials. We do monthly, annual, or multi-year contracts. Cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied.

We provide clear, detailed billing statements. If you have any questions on your billing, just let us know and we’ll clarify things.

All calls are recorded and easily accessible, available, and securely stored for you.

We routinely scale up or down based on your work volumes by working closely with your marketing and operations teams to manage your fluctuating staffing requirements.

Feel free to reach out to our team. We’ll handle all questions and inquiries you may have about Loop.

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