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We help businesses increase revenue and customer retention through sales and customer service via phone, email, and live chat. At Loop, you get American quality services at Philippine prices.

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What our Philippine call center can do for you


Increase your customer base and revenue with our high-performance inbound phone sales, live sales chat, and outbound phone sales.


Create a deeper relationship with your customers. Our teams are trained to offer world class support so that every customer feels taken care of and satisfied.


Convince customers on inbound calls who want to leave to stay. Use outbound calls to reach website and email cancels. Win back former customers.


Increase value per customer by selling upgrades, add-ons, and other products during onboarding, inquiry calls, customer support, or outbound phone campaigns.



Why Loop?

As a full-service call center, we create high performance sales, support, and retention teams to handle everything you need from inbound and outbound phone calls to email support to live chat. Each member of our leadership team has over a decade of experience in call centers (sometimes more). Our staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of call center services for businesses of all sizes – large, small, medium and start-ups.

We take the time to study your business, monitor the results, and work to continually improve on them to reach your goals. We strive to grow your customer base, keep your current customers happy, convince cancellations to stay on board – in short provide the best call center services for your business. You get American quality services at Philippine prices.

Build success in any industry


Financial newsletters




Cosmetics and personal care delivery


Health care

Credit unions

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Software & Saas



Online dating


Internet service providers

Fitness clubs

Food delivery

Internet virus protection

Event tickets

Technical support


Plumbing and handyman services

Foreign language learning

Nutritional supplement delivery

Nutritional supplement delivery


Grow at a rapid pace with Loop solutions

Customer Acquisition

Maximize your sales with skilled agents using several channels and strategies:

Customer Support

Offer world class service for every customer. Deliver quick, efficient, and complete solutions to customer requests with friendly, American-sounding agents.

  • Customer Services
    Provide world-class inbound phone customer support.
  • Email Services
    Send friendly, professional emails that completely resolve the issue the first time.
  • Technical Support
    Solve simple and complex tech problems for your customers painlessly.
  • Customer Onboarding
    Ensure customers love your product /service. Build a strong connection with new customers.

Customer Retention

Convince customers who want to leave to stay.  Encourage customers who have left to come back.

  • Save Cancels
    Persuade customers to stay. Proactively reach out to email and website cancellations.
  • Save Expires
    Call and recover customers whose autorenewals failed or subscriptions have expired.
  • Winback
    Reach out to former customers and coax them back into the fold.

Lead Generation

Generate scalable, reliable, cost-efficient leads for your sales team to close.

  • Lead Generation
    Speak with ice-cold or lukewarm leads to find qualified ones for your sales team.
  • Appointment Setting
    Set and confirm appointments with qualified leads at a low-cost per lead.
  • Live Transfers
    Live transfer a steady stream of qualified leads to your sales team.

Customer Growth

Generate new revenue streams and upfront revenues through cross selling/upselling to your new and existing customers:

What our clients have to say

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What you get

American quality end-to-end call center service

Our agents provide sales, customer service, technical support, retention, lead generation — or any combination of these — through phone, email, and live chat. Your customers get American quality service at Philippine prices.

Talk to your customers through the channels they prefer

We can talk to your customers any way they want: phone, email, live chat, inbound or outbound. Our agents are trained to handle multiple channels, so they never sit idle. For instance, an agent on the customer support team can also make outbound sales calls when things are slow.

Everything you need to hit the ground running

You will get a fully managed call center service. This means we take responsibility to learn your business and processes (or create processes), hire, train, and manage a skilled agent team to achieve your results.

Use your own processes/technology/sales techniques, or we can provide them for you

If you have sales materials, customer support processes, technology, reports, or anything else that’s working well for your business, we can use what you’ve got. Alternatively, if you’re starting from scratch or not happy with what you’re working with, we can help you to build an entirely new call center service from the ground up – customized specifically for your business.

5 decades of knowledge and experience

You will have access to our 5 decades of experience building and running world class call center services for startups, as well as small, medium, and large American businesses. 

Using customized strategies to take care of pain points and create opportunities

We use targeted, customized strategies designed to increase acquisition, improve retention, and deliver cross-sells/upsells at key points throughout the customer journey.

Personalized process creation and education

Every product has its own customized call center process whether it’s inbound or outbound sales, support, or retention – via phone, chat, or email.  Agent teams are trained and educated in these processes.

Talented, seasoned agents

There is a lot of talent in Manila and our recruitment team are experts in finding the cream of the crop.  Compatibility is also a major factor when it comes to matching agents with your call center services. 

Intensive, targeted training

Your team are your brand ambassadors.  Each agent is carefully trained and regularly updated with monthly refresher programs.  Our goal is to make sure your agents provide top-notch customer service and exceptional sales/retention results.

Save money by scaling your call center to your needs

You will be provided with dedicated, skilled agents for your business without overstaffing.  When you add new products, marketing campaigns, and customers, your processes will be updated, and new agents trained to meet increased demand.  If you need to scale back, we can make those changes as well.

How it works


Outsourcing gives you everything you need for call center services:  agents, training, Quality Assurance, management, technology, and processes.

We work with companies of all sizes (small, medium, and large), across multiple industries. If your business is already established, we are prepared to launch our services with a full team of agents. But if you’re a small business just starting out, you may want to hire one or two agents initially (then increase as your business ramps up to 10, 20, 50, 100 or more). If you have specialized services (i.e. medical providers, financial/crypto coaching, inbound billing support, etc.), we can train our teams to handle these niche needs as well.

We understand that there are peaks and valleys, so we can adjust your team for that.  When you add new products, websites, marketing campaigns – we will update your processes and train new agents for increased demand.  If you need to scale back, we can reduce your staff. 

It depends on what you need. If you use our services for customer support, you will get satisfied customers who receive timely answers to their questions and efficient solutions to their problems. For sales, you see increased revenues, new customers, and qualified leads/appointments. If you need help with retention, cancellations are saved and lost customers brought back into the fold.

If your results are achievable, we will do everything we can to reach those goals.  What we do guarantee is that we will build, develop, and implement an American quality, American-style call center for you at Philippine prices.  You will get talented agents, strategic processes, and skilled management at a fraction of US prices.

You’re going to see results right away – but we will continuously adapt and improve to build toward your goals. This typically takes between 30 to 90 days, so we recommend a 90-day trial run to appreciate the full effect of our call center services.

It’s common for us to work with clients who already have a call center.  We can operate alongside your other customer support and sales teams to help improve your current results.  You can also divide the inbound or outbound calls to split test Loop’s services with your current call center. 

You’re going to get American-style, American-quality, fully managed call center services – at a very competitive rate.  We can’t publish pricing because our services are not one-size-fits-all.  But since we are based in the Philippines, you can expect to save at least 50% savings over US prices.  Contact us for a personalized quote.

We currently have both onsite teams and remote agents. Agents who work from home use similar technology, security, and supervision as agents in our facility. We monitor agents and conduct Quality Assurance reviews, just like we do with onsite agents.

All calls are recorded and securely stored for you.  At any time you may request copies of the recorded calls.  We believe in full transparency so you can see how our agents interact with your clients. 

All calls are recorded and securely stored for you.  At any time you may request copies of the recorded calls.  We believe in full transparency so you can see how our agents interact with your clients.

Nothing is worse than being bound to a contract you’re unhappy with.  That’s why we offer flexible, convenient contract terms that you can feel comfortable with.  Our pricing is fair, simple, and all-inclusive.  There are no hidden fees or terms.  Our focus is to establish long-term, mutually profitable partnerships.  In other words:  We want you to stay because you’re happy with the quality and results.

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