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Outsource your lead generation to transform even your coldest leads into qualified appointments. Our agents are trained to contact and qualify inbound and outbound leads at the top of your funnel. We ensure you have enough qualified leads & appointments to fill your sales team’s calendar.

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What’s the best way to maximize qualified leads for my sales team?

The goal of call center lead generation is to produce a big pipeline of qualified leads for your sales team to close.

This works by a specialist team either…

  • calling your lead lists or form submitters
  • live answering inbound calls, chats, social messages
  • buying & calling a lead list fresh

Whether your sell to consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B), call center lead generation can work for your unique situation.
It can target …


  • ice cold leads
  • lukewarm leads
  • warm leads
  • red hot leads
  • marketing qualified leads
  • former customers
  • new purchased lead lists
  • and much, much more

Most businesses have tons of potential leads — but they’re missing the ability to efficiently find, qualify, and turn them over to the sales team.

A call center lead generation service solves this problem by generating qualified leads from that list and put them in front of your sales team.

This service can work if you have people who would be interested in your service or product but don’t know about it, or they know about you but you’re unsure how serious they are.

What’s a call center lead generation service?

A call center lead generation service is a specialized team that calls all of the potential customers at the top of your funnel who might be interested in your business to:


  • Make contact (often first contact)
  • Get them interested
  • Find out if they’re qualified
  • Turn the contacts over to your team, either as a qualified lead or as an appointment (whichever works better for you)

In other words, the mission of call center lead generation is to turn leads – whether ice cold, lukewarm, warm, or fiery hot — into qualified leads, and give them to you on a silver platter.

An effective lead generation call center will typically target 1 of 3 main types of leads:

1) Ice cold leads. They have taken no action to get in touch with you. They have submitted no form. They have signed up for nothing. They are not your customer. They are just people that you have identified (or that you want us to identify for you) as potentials for your business.

Examples include:


  • Purchased telemarketing lead lists
  • Cold lead lists obtained from lead researching tools
  • Website visitors you pixeled and built a lead list from
  • Lead lists built from people who read or watched your content on social media
  • Old lead lists that you haven’t worked in awhile
  • And so on

2) Leads that are a little warm, but still very high up the funnel. These people took some kind of minor action to show a little bit of interest in your business, product, or service. They’ve done something to become a lead, but they haven’t done much. For example:


  • They submitted something for an eBook
  • Gave their email or phone number in a chat
  • Made some comment or messaged on social media
  • Subscribed to a completely free offering
  • Signed up for your newsletter
  • Signed up for free trial to something very low commitment that doesn’t convert to paid automatically
  • Interacted in some way on LinkedIn
  • Made an account by clicking the “login with Facebook” button
  • And so on

These are extremely top of the funnel leads who have taken some positive action to show interest in your business, but they don’t rise to the level of warm lead, and you don’t know if they’re qualified or not.

3) Bona-fide warm leads. These are people who are definitely warm leads, but they’re not qualified yet.

These guys have …


  • Asked you for an appointment
  • Inquired in some way
  • Called in
  • Requested a call
  • Requested a product or service demo
  • Signed up for a trial that could lead to a paid subscription
  • Want a discovery call
  • Attended some kind of event

In all of these cases, a strong call center lead generation service will efficiently call them, reach them, introduce your business, generate interest, qualify them, and pass them on to you and your sales team – either in the form of an appointment or as a qualified lead.

This is the heart of lead generation, done through classic outbound & inbound telemarketing.

If you have a pipeline of prospects calling in from your social media, live chat, radio, tv, email campaigns, or from your website, a strong lead generation call center will also work to convert those warm leads into active customers or appointments with qualified prospects.

With a lead generation call center service, you want no qualified lead to slip through the cracks. On the other hand, a torrent of junk leads could overwhelm your sales team. This will not only cost you good leads but valuable sales team members.

Why is call center lead generation important?

Call center lead generation is super important because without it, you and your sales team will not have enough people to sell to.

Lead generation is the bread-and-butter of the top of the funnel. This is where you will get all of your leads from.

At the very top of the funnel, you have your TV ads, radio ads, search engine optimization, Google paid ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn marketing, TikTok marketing, postal direct mail, SMS/text campaigns, billboards, purchased telemarketing leads, and many other sources.

All these varied marketing channels generate raw leads to qualify and sell.

Raw leads can also take the form of live inbound calls from radio, TV and direct mail ads, social media messages, and so on. They don’t have to be entries in your CRM or Excel. And, a good call center lead generation service can handle and qualify inbound live leads like these as well.

When you get those raw leads, they generally fall into one of three groups:


  • Ice cold leads. These include leads you get from a purchased telemarketing lead list.
  • Lukewarm leads. They’ve heard of you. They’ve made some kind of an inquiry but took no significant action. So you really don’t know if they’re serious or not, or worth your sales team’s time.
  • Bona-fide warm leads. They’ve taken some effort to show significant interest. But at the same time, you still don’t know if they’re qualified. They may not have enough money, they may be in the wrong country, they may be too small, or too large, etc.

Call center lead generation sits between your lead sources and sales team. It receives all the leads, talks to them, qualifies them, and passes on only those leads that were qualified for the sales team to close.

This gives businesses a distinctive edge that can mushroom their growth.

Good call center lead generation services can also prevent you from experiencing…


  • An influx of unqualified leads that get missed or ignored.




  • An avalanche of unqualified leads that pass through and go right to the sales team, completely wasting your sales team’s time. This causes your sales team to become overwhelmed, get frustrated, and even quit. It also stops your team from handling the good leads that do come through.

So, it’s easy to see how call center lead generation is a critical, critical service.

What makes Loop the choice for call center lead generation?

Loop has developed a world-class lead qualification process that is very efficient at handling both…



In other words, the mission of call center lead generation is to turn leads – whether ice cold, lukewarm, warm, or fiery hot — into qualified leads, and give them to you on a silver platter.

The highlights of our approach are as follows:

First, we recognize that each product is different. Each marketing campaign and touch point are different. The brand that we present is different. So when we talk to leads from different campaigns, on different lead lists, whether inbound or outbound, we study the marketing that generated the lead in the first place, and we create a customized script, strategy, tactics, and offer particularly suited to that campaign. So the customer has a professional experience, and we can close the people who need to be closed.

Second, we build salesmanship into the service. With many lead sources, a lot of people decline taking the next action you want them to take (e.g., speak to a salesperson, buy, etc.). To handle this, we build in salesmanship expertise to convince qualified people to take the next step.

Third, we use dedicated agent teams. That means the agent was handpicked for you. Hired for you. Underwent at least a week of formal training only for you and your business. They live and breathe you. This means that agents will perform better for you than someone who’s not as skilled or not as focused. High quality requires dedicated and focused employees.

Fourth, we’re good at managing both inbound and outbound lead generation. So, we can handle:


  • outbound leads that haven’t contacted you or are expecting you to contact them.
  • inbound leads from your marketing, whether that’s inbound phone, live chat, email, social media, SMS, LinkedIn, and so on.


Even better, we can handle both types of leads with the same agents. This enables us to generate more leads and more qualifications with maximum efficiency.

Fifth, we have a scientific 6-stage approach to maximizing lead generation results at every stage of the sales funnel.

Stage one:

Getting the lead list ready. Almost all lead lists have bad numbers, wrong numbers, and numbers that can’t be safely called under US telemarketing regulations, among other pitfalls. So, getting the lead list ready while retaining as many leads as possible is the first stage.

Stage two:

Dialing and reaching somebody. You have to know how to call the lead list properly to reach everyone who’s retribute on the list. This means being conscious of different times of day, different time zones, different days of the week, STIR/SHAKEN dialing, phone number reputation management, and other strategies.

Stage three:

Getting past the gatekeepers. It could be the mother, the daughter, the secretary, the office operator — anyone who answers the phone but isn’t the person who you need to reach. So we’ve developed ways and means to get past these gatekeepers.

Stage four:

Convincing decision makers to book appointments. Sometimes people say “yes” right away, but a lot of the time they don’t! They have objections and reasons why not, and you have to overcome those objections. So we use strong salesmanship strategies, tactics, and scripts to convince people to book appointments.

Stage five:

Qualifying your leads — and this is optional, not every business wants us to do this — but if you do want us to do this, we can qualify the living daylights out of your leads. We make sure that everyone that we send through to you has all the right boxes ticked, so that your sales team’s time is maximized, and your cost is minimized.

Stage six:

Appointment setting (this is optional as well). We’ll set the appointments to fill up your sales teams’ calendar AND we’ll make sure that those appointments are attended. We take proactive steps to increase the attendance rate. And we take responsive steps to recover the people who don’t attend.

This proven, 6-stage approach is why businesses worldwide trust Loop for their call center lead generation services.

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What you get

Specialist Sales, Support and Retention Call Center

Founder Jesse Rosenthal and Loop’s Senior Leadership team have decades of experience helping many of America’s biggest brands to build and run world-class support services and high-performance sales and retention campaigns.

Specialized solutions and services

We have studied the customer journey of various businesses and learned their pain points and opportunities. From that, we’ve developed 4 solutions and 13 services that increase acquisition, retention and deliver cross-sells and upsellsat key points throughout the customer journey. Our services are customized for each client, enabling us to start up new high-functioning call center services quickly.

Strategic planning and process creation

We create and customize processes for each product we will sell and support. We also plan for every communication channel, whether inbound or outbound. These are then cascaded to our agent teams via an in-depth formal training program.

  • Sales and retention services – we create strategies, tactics, offers, and more;
  • Customer support services – we create end-to-end processes, a knowledge base, call flows, quality assurance programs, and more.

Fully utilized agents who can do phone and email, or sales and support

Each agent is trained separately for each of your products and services to be able to handle both sales and support, whether inbound or outbound. We maximize agent productivity by letting them switch from inbound sales calls to email support, outbound phone to inbound sales and customer servicesand more, as needed. We do this while maintaining the highest standards in all channels and service types.

Premium management, support, and frontline agents

Our headquarters are in the center of talent in the Philippines. We select and nurture the best talents to help our clients grow. We go beyond skill and also look at compatibility. A team will be assigned to become your brand ambassadors who will know your product or service inside out. Aside from a strict 4-layer screening process, we conduct monthly refresher training programs to ensure they’re in tip-top shape while representing your brand. Our dedicated HR team knows how to pick the top market agents who have great potential. Our Operations team will train them to become top-performing agents, delivering world-class customer service and exceptional sales results.

Save money and scale your business

We give you the right number of dedicated, skilled, trained agents for your business without overstaffing (and overspending). When you add new products, websites, marketing campaigns, and customers, we expand our scope, learn about the changes, update your processes, and train the agents. As your business’ phone, email, and chat needs grow, we add agents. If you need to scale back, we can do that too.

Project launch team of senior sales and support experts

You will get a seasoned call center operations sales or support manager with extensive experience in launching new services. We will immerse ourselves in your business, build and launch your new service, and manage the team as performance ramps up, to reliably achieve great results.


We provide fully managed call center serviceswith your goals in mind. We can use your existing processes and/or create new ones for you based on your needs. We are flexible enough to help you scale your business faster.

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Why should I outsource my lead generation service?

Focus on the big goal, perfecting your product or service, or getting the word out there, while we take care of turning your lead list into solid appointments.

We have an all-inclusive fee that takes care of everything from strategy to training to management. Reach out to us to get a quote based on what your business needs.

Any. We work with companies of all sizes, across multiple industries. Often small businesses come to us just needing an agent or two, then quickly increase to ten, or much more. Our goal is to help your company grow big, or even bigger.

We are confident in our processes. Our clients often get their ROI upfront because we continuously monitor and improve to reach your goals faster.

Our Senior Leadership team members have over a decade each of experience creating and running high-quality sales and support services. With our experience, we’ve helped small and large businesses worldwide create solutions designed to maximize qualified leads. We study your business needs to deliver the best results.