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At Loop Contact Solutions, we bring you top-tier outsourced customer service and sales capabilities, directly from the heart of metro Manila. With us, you’re choosing a BPO call center that delivers logical solutions, heaps of value, and unwavering transparency – all at an impressively low cost.

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Why choose Loop?

American quality—Philippines advantage

  • Cost-effective solutions: By operating in the Philippines, we offer services at a fraction of the cost you’d face in the U.S., without compromising on quality. This means more savings you can reinvest into growing your business.
  • Flexible and scalable: Whether you need help with inbound sales, technical support, or customer retention, our BPO call center services are designed to scale and adapt to your business’s evolving needs.
  • Multichannel expertise: From phone to email to live chat, our agents excel across all communication platforms, ensuring your customers receive help wherever they prefer to reach out.

Our promise: high-quality, honest service

  • At Loop Contact Solutions, transparency isn’t just a buzzword – it’s the cornerstone of our operations. We don’t believe in hidden fees or convoluted contracts. Our straightforward approach means you get exactly what you signed up for: exceptional outsourced customer service that boosts your bottom line.



    Join the countless businesses benefiting from our Philippine BPO call center services, from ecommerce and SaaS to financial publishers and more. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your unique business needs and help you achieve remarkable cost savings.

World class customer support

Our call center in the Philippines practices the seven keys of successful customer service:
1) speak to an agent quickly without lengthy wait times,
2) solve the issue within first contact (no back and forth emails/calls),
3) quick resolution so time spent on the call/chat is short,
4) good quality of service,
5) ability to handle multiple channels of communication,
6) strong selling/saving clients,
and 7) knowledgeable agents who are experts in your business.

Agents can relate to the customer

Our Philippine call centers agents speak “American” English, love American culture, and usually only have a very slight accent. They are confident, enthusiastic, very smart, and can offer expertise in your product. The idea is to establish a trust between the customer and call center agent.

High quality sales and retention

There are numerous telemarketing companies in the Philippines, which means we have a massive pool of talented sales agents to choose from. These agents have spent years in outbound and inbound sales for American consumers and American businesses. Our agents are experienced in sales scripting, strategies, and tactics. You are going to get high performance sales results from our Philippines call team.

Superior lead generation, appointment setting, and live transfers

Our Philippines call center outsourcing will enable you to enjoy a steady stream of leads, transfers, or appointments. Our agents will generate key customers and decision-makers from those leads (including high value sales and products) – but at a low cost per lead/transfer/appointment. So your costs are low, but your quality and results are high.

Cost-effective versatility

Our Philippines call centers agents can easily handle multiple channels. They have experience switching between phone, email, and live chat. Likewise, our agents are can seamlessly flow between inbound customer support to outbound sales. This maximizes productivity of the agent while minimizing your customers’ wait time.

American businesses love the call centers in the Philippines …

The agents sound like Americans and are probably more Americanized than anyone on the planet – except Americans themselves. Filipino agents are friendly, respectful, enthusiastic, and smart. They provide great service, are knowledgeable, can achieve high performance sales, and quality processes. Plus, since call centers in the Philippines offers a cheaper price tag, the savings are significant. You reduce your costs without reducing quality or results.

… And American consumers do, too!

There’s something about the Filipino agents that gives the impression the customer is speaking with a US call center. Usually the agent only has a slight accent. However, their English is American, they follow American culture, and are very friendly. Americans feel comfortable chatting with Filipino agents. Sometimes the customer doesn’t even realize they’re talking to a global call center. Customers appreciate the quality, service, and results.

Communicating with customers through the channels they prefer

Our agents are trained to handle inbound and outbound phone calls, email, and live chat. Some agents are also trained to handle multiple channels so they can switch from one to the other seamlessly.

This is a HUGE advantage because it allows agents to jump in where the demand is the greatest – reducing customers’ wait time. So instead of having, say, 10 agents assigned to phones, 10 to email, and 10 to live chat/social media – you have 30 agents at the ready to handle customers wherever they’re needed most.


We provide a variety of services to meet your call center needs

We offer a multitude of services with our call center from customer support to high-performance sales, quality retention efforts, and other kids of business process outsourcing. Use them all, or just the ones you need the most. We can customize our call center to fit your needs and budget.

Customer Acquisition

The focus is to maximize your sales and customer acquisition using several channels and strategies.

  • Inbound Sales: Some calls are simple order taking. But there are times the customer isn’t convinced and requires more finesse to persuade the customer to buy the product or service. For these calls, we use high-quality agents and powerful strategies to turn those prospects into sales. Our agents will also take advantage of opportunities to cross sell/upsell, creating additional call center capital for your business.
  • Outbound Sales:With the right strategies, outbound sales can be a powerful tool to grow your business and revenue. Our secret is knowing who to call, when to call, how to increase the percentage of people who answer, how to pitch, what offers to make, and how to take advantage of opportunities to cross sell and upsell.
  • Appointment Setting: Appointment setting is more than scheduling – it’s about generating qualified leads for your salespeople so they can close the deals. Our appointment team will set appointments for new customers, existing customers, former customers, unconverted prospects, former prospects, or a combination of these. We provide high-quality services with agents who produce a steady stream of qualified, attended appointments at a low cost per appointment.
  • Lead Generation: Not all leads are valuable — this is where our lead generation team comes in. Agents will talk to each lead, filter out the time wasters, and pass along the names that are worthwhile. That way your salespeople spend their time on the leads where they have the highest probability of closing the deal. Likewise, if you don’t have any leads, we can guide you with online research and lead lists. Once we have those lists, our lead generation team will again separate out the wheat from the chaff.
  • Live Chat Sales: Our goal is to take advantage of your website traffic: We use live agents armed with strategies and incentives to convert the curious visitor into a paying customer. Likewise, our agents will customize their approach depending on where the visitor is located on the website. For example, if viewing the pricing page, the agent will highlight special benefits and features of your services. We also study the traffic on your website pages to identify which pages could use improvements and we will offer suggestions on how.


World Class Customer Support

Customer loyalty is built on the quality of customer support received. When independently audited, our agents routinely achieve 90%+ Quality Assurance scores. We build and manage Quality Assurance programs that evaluate the quality of interactions by our own dedicated, independent Quality Assurance team to make sure our agents are taking the best care of your call center customers when you outsource customer service to the Philippines.

  • Customer Service: Happy customers are loyal customers. They spread the word about your business, are less likely to cancel or refund, and will continue to purchase from you. We provide world class customer service by responding promptly, showing empathy, offering high-quality support, resolving the issue, saving customers, and selling where possible.
  • Email Support: Emails are like the red-headed stepchild of call center channels – but they can be incredibly important. Email can be the first interaction we have with a customer, so what we say matters! Our agents deliver quick, well-written responses that address the matter and propose a solution. This is how we can win customer loyalty. If we are slow to respond, or don’t resolve the issue, your customers will seek out the competition.
  • Customer Onboarding: Customer support doesn’t end with the purchase of the product. Our onboarding team will make sure your customer is comfortable using your product/service, so they don’t cancel or fail to renew. We have a thoughtful strategy designed to help each onboarding customer get the most out of the product. Our agents also never lose sight of a chance to cross sell and upsell during onboarding if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Technical Support: Technical problems can cause cancellations, returns, or spur the decision not to purchase – yet they can be resolved with the right help. There are generally 4 types of technical issues: 1) the customer doesn’t know how to use the product, 2) the product requires technological savvy the customer doesn’t have, 3) the product itself is technologically challenging, 4) the product has a technical defect. Our technical support team focuses on resolving the problem and keeping customers happy, so they return.



Keeping your customers requires your call center to be on top of every situation that comes up. If a customer decides to cancel, or their subscription is in danger of expiring – or even if it already has expired – agents will call these customers to convince them renew or come back.

  • Cancellation Prevention: We regularly deliver a 25% cancellation saves rate, sometimes more. With inbound call cancellations, our team will first identify the problem, then use our customized retention strategies, offers, and rebuttals to convince the customer to stay. When a customer cancels through email, chat, the membership portal, or just lets their subscription lapse, we don’t have the opportunity to talk to the customer directly. So, our agents proactively contact those customers to identify the reason for cancelling and persuade them to remain a customer.
  • Saving Expiring Subscriptions: There is a massive amount of untapped capital in expired subscriptions. According to Forbes, American credit cards expire every 4 years. That means about a quarter of your autorenewal customers are at risk of failed credit card payments annually – that’s a huge chunk of your subscriber base! Our call center service agents can often recover about 20% or more failed autorenewals when speaking to customers over the phone.
  • Winbacks: Former customer lists can be a goldmine when it comes to winbacks. We reach out to these customers, ask about their experience, fix any issues, and re-sell the product/service. If a customer doesn’t want to use the same service or product, our agents will offer a different product to keep them engaged. Whatever the reason for their leaving, our team is prepared to win them back


Customer Growth: Cross Selling and Upselling

When a customer calls in to make a new purchase, onboard, or get customer support, there are a lot of opportunities to cross sell and upsell.

  • Cross sell-at-birth: while the customer is purchasing one product/service, our agent cross-sells another product of similar cost.
  • Cross sell to new customers: we offer products of similar value within the first 30, 60, and 90 days of purchase.
  • Cross sell low-priced products: For customers who have already bought one low-priced product/service, we offer them another low-priced product.
  • Cross sell premium products: Selling high-priced customers more high-priced products.
  • Cross selling high-priced products to low-priced customers.
  • Upselling: Selling more of a product/service to what the customer already has, such as an early subscription renewal, add-ons, extra items, and usage.



The distinct advantages of BPO call center

Call centers are considered a desirable career choice in the Philippines.
Agents remain in this career for many years, so you often will find highly capable, experienced, and intelligent candidates.
Filipinos are also some of the friendliest people around and are very customer centric.
There are a lot of highly skilled agents in Manila, which means the talent for hire is top-notch.
Plus, the costs are much lower than American call centers – about 50% less.
Philippines call center agents are also …

Fluent in American-style English and culture.

They learn American English and culture from an early age and are completely immersed in it throughout their lives. This makes them very comfortable communicating in this language and culturally connecting with American customers. Most accents are light when using agents from Manila – no more than a Californian or New Yorker.

Familiar with other American businesses.

Large corporations (including JP Morgan Chase, American Express, Netflix, Twitter, Ford) and countless small/medium-sized American businesses have been hiring call center companies in the Philippines since the 1990s. So, Philippine call centers will often have agents experienced with American businesses and understand how they work.

Highly skilled college graduates.

Many Filipino college graduates see a call center as a career goal and will go to college with the objective of becoming a call center agent. You get intelligent, strategic, business-minded agents who know how to close the deal.

Strong closers.

When you use Philippines call center outsourcing like ours, you get a dedicated team of agents who can execute your sales program. Our agents are savvy, smart, and can think outside the box to make the sale on all levels: complex, high-end, subscription, retention, cross selling, and upselling. They can also tailor their conversations to meet the expectations of the caller/emailer/chatter.

Agents sound attractive and confident.

People place a lot of value on the sound of a voice, and they develop an impression within the first 4 seconds. We pay a lot of attention to how the agent sounds listening to tone, pitch, and softness that can convey attractiveness, confidence, and intelligence. We also train all agents so they’re experts in your product/service.

Dispelling the myths about outsourcing customer service to the Philippines

1. Lack of visibility – It’s too far away

You have complete visibility. Your team is hired, trained, and dedicated to your business. Because your team only works on your account, we expect you’ll get to know the agents really well.

2. Reports will be hard to get or inadequate

Reports can be customized to your specifications in a format that fits your needs. You have total accessibility to reports, transcripts, and recordings at any time.

3. Customers will receive poor quality service or agents won’t know about my business.

We will build in-depth, end-to-end processes for you (or use yours). Our agents will undergo rigorous training, are educated about your product, and are regularly monitored by Quality Assurance teams. We also establish a culture of accountability and rewards to motivate employees to provide world class customer service.

4. Foreign agents won’t speak English well.

Our call center in the Philippines hires employees who are college graduates, learned American English from an early age, and enjoy American movies, TV, music, books, and social media. Accents are usually very slight.

5. Agents aren’t trustworthy.

All our agents go through background checks, screenings, and comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS).

Common call center pain points – and how our call center in the Philippines will give you peace of mind

We’ve identified several pitfalls that many call centers can fall prey to. We make sure they will never be a problem for you.

What you get

Specialist Sales, Support and Retention Call Center

Founder Jesse Rosenthal and Loop’s Senior Leadership team have decades of experience helping many of America’s biggest brands to build and run world-class support services and high-performance sales and retention campaigns.

Specialized solutions and services

We have studied the customer journey of various businesses and learned their pain points and opportunities. From that, we’ve developed 4 solutions and 13 services that increase acquisition, retention and deliver cross-sells and upsellsat key points throughout the customer journey. Our services are customized for each client, enabling us to start up new high-functioning call center services quickly.

Strategic planning and process creation

We create and customize processes for each product we will sell and support. We also plan for every communication channel, whether inbound or outbound. These are then cascaded to our agent teams via an in-depth formal training program.

  • Sales and retention services – we create strategies, tactics, offers, and more;
  • Customer support services – we create end-to-end processes, a knowledge base, call flows, quality assurance programs, and more.

Fully utilized agents who can do phone and email, or sales and support

Each agent is trained separately for each of your products and services to be able to handle both sales and support, whether inbound or outbound. We maximize agent productivity by letting them switch from inbound sales calls to email support, outbound phone to inbound sales and customer servicesand more, as needed. We do this while maintaining the highest standards in all channels and service types.

Premium management, support, and frontline agents

Our headquarters are in the center of talent in the Philippines. We select and nurture the best talents to help our clients grow. We go beyond skill and also look at compatibility. A team will be assigned to become your brand ambassadors who will know your product or service inside out. Aside from a strict 4-layer screening process, we conduct monthly refresher training programs to ensure they’re in tip-top shape while representing your brand. Our dedicated HR team knows how to pick the top market agents who have great potential. Our Operations team will train them to become top-performing agents, delivering world-class customer service and exceptional sales results.

Save money and scale your business

We give you the right number of dedicated, skilled, trained agents for your business without overstaffing (and overspending). When you add new products, websites, marketing campaigns, and customers, we expand our scope, learn about the changes, update your processes, and train the agents. As your business’ phone, email, and chat needs grow, we add agents. If you need to scale back, we can do that too.

Project launch team of senior sales and support experts

You will get a seasoned call center operations sales or support manager with extensive experience in launching new services. We will immerse ourselves in your business, build and launch your new service, and manage the team as performance ramps up, to reliably achieve great results.


We provide fully managed call center serviceswith your goals in mind. We can use your existing processes and/or create new ones for you based on your needs. We are flexible enough to help you scale your business faster.

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How it works


Why should I outsource customer service?

You will be given an all-inclusive rate per month which will depend on the type of service and number of dedicated agents. This price includes everything needed to achieve great quality and results. You won’t be dinged for extras later. Contact us for a personalized proposal.

Our key solutions are customer acquisition, customer support, customer retention, subscription management, and customer growth. Learn more about them here.

Not at all. We work with companies of all sizes, across multiple industries. Even small businesses just starting out that hire an agent or two may increase to needing 10, 20, 50, 100 (or more) agents. Our goal is to grow your company through our world class customer treatment, sales, retention, and renewal services.

We will work with you to understand your needs and goals, then develop a plan to meet those objectives. We will first conduct small-scale test runs so you have an opportunity to see our agents and services in action. If you are dissatisfied with our performance at any time, you can cancel. But we think that is unlikely: our clients often reach their ROI upfront because we constantly monitor and improve our services so that your company reaches its goals faster.

There is no commitment necessary, and we offer 90-day trials. After that, we can set up a contract on a monthly, annual, or multi-year basis. But you’re not locked into any obligation. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel at any time with notice. It’s as simple as that.

Each member of our leadership team has over a decade of experience in call centers (sometimes more). Our staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of call center services including: sales, support, and retention with small, medium, large, and start-up businesses. We’ve learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. We take the time to study your business, monitor the results, and work to continually improve on them to reach your goals. We also understand the value of loyal customers who return again and again to purchase your products/services. Our goal is to grow your customer base, keep your current customers happy, convince cancellations to stay on board – in short provide the best call center services for your business.

If you hire us for our high-performance sales team, we measure our results based on increased sales, revenues, and customers. If you choose to use our world class customer service, we base results on Quality Assurance, productivity, and first call resolution. We strive to deliver a solid ROI upfront for our services.


What services do you offer?

On the sales side, we offer customer acquisition including inbound/outbound sales, cross selling, upselling, lead generation, appointment management, and live chat sales. For customer retention, our agents will handle winbacks, cancellations, and subscription/membership expirations. For customer service, agents provide customer support, onboarding assistance, and technical support. Agents communicate with customers via incoming or outgoing phone calls, email, live chat – or even across multiple channels.

Not at all. We customize the number of agents according to your needs. You can start with as little as one agent and scale up as needed or jump in with both feet for a whole team of agents. We work with you to provide what you want from a call center. Starting off small is also a great way to test the waters to see if we are a good fit for your business.

We understand that businesses have different peaks and valleys. That’s why we are flexible enough to scale up or down based on your work volumes. We collaborate closely with your marketing and operations teams to anticipate different periods of fluctuations so we can meet your staffing needs.

If you already have an in-house call center or want to test Loop head-to-head against another call center, we can collaborate with any team or processes. We will provide you with reports and key data so you can measure the results and decide if Loop is right for you.

For call center, we are fluent in (and can provide if necessary):

  • RingCentral
  • VICI
  • Five 9
  • Call Shaper
  • Live Chat Inc
  • Drift
  • Zendesk phone
  • Zendesk email and ticketing
  • Zendesk chat
  • Gorgias
  • And more

For customer relationship management (CRM), payment, and e-commerce management, we are well-versed in multiple technologies so we can adapt to whatever you are using:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho
  • Pipedrive
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Advantage CS
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Chase Paymentech

… to name a few. All our agents use fast, high-quality PCs with dual monitors, and fiber-optic internet. They have secured and compliant access to call center phone, email, and live chat.

We provide everything you need to launch and run your service. You get …

  • Call center scripts and processes (we can create them for you, or we can use yours).
  • Set up and management of call center technology (or we can use yours).
  • A dedicated sales/support team that we hire and train for you.
  • Supervisor you work with directly who’s personally running your team.
  • Weekly updates with the person running your team about the important details: results, support quality, lists, types of calls/emails/chats, etc.
  • You’ll also be able to reach your team supervisor between weekly updates through Teams, Slack, chats, or email.
  • Access to all reports so you can see how your team is performing.
  • Quality Assurance team that monitors agents (aiming for 90% or better rating).
  • Review of results to see what’s working, what isn’t, and what changes we can make to reach your goals.

You’re going to see results right away – but we will continuously adapt and improve to build toward your goals. This typically takes between 30 to 90 days, so we recommend a 90-day trial run.

Of course! Our technology saves all call recordings, emails, and chats – making them accessible to you at any time you want to listen or view them. Our Quality Assurance department will also regularly evaluate them and discuss with you what is working and what isn’t so we can provide you with the best results. In addition, the team supervisor will have regular call listening reviews with you (using Zoom), to make sure agents are aligned with your key points.

You can choose any combination of services and channels. Maybe you want us to focus only on customer service through chat, we can do that. Perhaps you want us to handle all channels (phone, email, chat) and all services (sales, retention, and support). You can use all sorts of varieties to get exactly what you want that suits your call center needs the best. We can also work alongside your other call center and sales teams to help improve your current results.

One of the reasons we were so successful during the pandemic is that we had remote capabilities already in place. We have both in-facility teams as well as remote agents working from home. Agents who work remotely use the same technology and receive the same training as agents onsite. We monitor agents and conduct Quality Assurance reviews, just like we do with onsite agents. You can choose to use on-site agents, remote agents, or a combination of both.

Fill out our contact form here or give us a call at 1-855-947-5667, our call center experts are standing by. We will learn all about your goals, your needs, your budget, your technology, and your processes so we can provide you with a proposal that ticks every box.