Why you Should Outsource your Live Chat Support in the Philippines

As an outsourcing hub, the Philippines is seeing explosive growth. The economy is growing, and the country’s workforce is well-educated and has access to cutting-edge tools, not to mention fluent English. Consider outsourcing your company’s live chat services to the Philippines if you’re searching for an efficient solution to deliver customer assistance around the clock at a price that won’t break the bank while preventing your staff from being overworked and using all of its available resources.

You can hire an excellent live chat support agent out of the Philippines, which is a terrific spot to outsource customer support.

As a result of the Philippines’ low labor costs, high education levels, and long history of providing excellent customer service, many companies have begun outsourcing their customer support to the country. Due to its large pool of highly skilled workers, lower labor costs than other developing countries, and high levels of English proficiency, it has become an ideal location for outsourcing.

Although providing excellent customer service is crucial, many companies outsource this role rather than establish it in-house.

Live Chat Agent Philippines

Reduce Cost

Payroll, benefits, Internet bandwidth, rent, and utilities are costs that will increase if a company recruits its customer service department.

They may take advantage of price differences by outsourcing customer service, especially those involving the workforce. When you outsource, you hand over the responsibility of paying employees and covering other operational expenses to a third-party service provider.

Maximize Productivity

Customer service is essential to running a successful business, but it serves an administrative purpose primarily. This isn’t the company’s strong suit. It’s highly unlikely that a business will spend money to improve customer service through training and development.

In any case, customer service outsourcing firms do exist. They have invested time and money to grow their staff and built the necessary systems to provide first-rate customer service. If you work with the proper service, you can relax your concerns about handling your clients’ questions, complaints, and other issues.

Delegating these “non-core” duties allows a company to concentrate its efforts where it will have the most impact, increasing productivity. The resulting savings in expenses may then be used to fund initiatives that bring in money.

The Philippines is a country that springs to mind when thinking about how to make the most of outsourcing customer service.

Since 2014, outsourcing companies across the world have overwhelmingly favored the Philippines. Since 2003, the outsourcing sector in the Philippines has grown by 20% annually. Exports are expected to bring in $25 billion in 2016 and $48 billion by 2020.

The Philippines’ proficiency in handling customer service initiatives is a key factor in the country’s rise to prominence as a worldwide outsourcing hub.

There are five compelling arguments for considering the Philippines as the location for managing your client retention initiatives:

Quickly Grow Your Organization

When faced with the prospect of providing live chat support around the clock, some company owners feel overwhelmed.

Providing round-the-clock chat help isn’t required immediately.

Analyze your statistics, focusing on the times of day when customers are attempting to get in touch with you.

If you see that most support calls come in throughout the day, you may consider hiring a live chat support agent to work during that time.

Using the live chat option’s built-in availability settings, you may immediately tell customers whether someone is available to assist them.

If you see an increase in inquiries outside of normal business hours, it may be time to staff up your chat support team with an extra person.

Demand is high

Six of ten customers have high expectations for how quickly their inquiries will be answered when chat support agents are ready to aid them.

Over half of your website’s visitors genuinely care about speedy replies so they can make snap judgments about whether or not to purchase.

The presence or absence of a live chat support person may determine whether or not a website visitor stays on the site to learn more about a product or service or make a purchase.

Excellent Rate of Literacy

Although it took more than 70 years, the Philippines now boasts a literacy rate of 98%, making it one of the highest in the world. Rising from 20% in the 1930s to the current percentage of literacy is the result of decades of sustained work.

The government’s Department of Education has constantly launched measures to make elementary school education accessible to all residents, resulting in 95.4% of students being able to attend. Out-of-school adolescents may participate in these initiatives, which provide them with access to alternate learning systems and night classes at reduced costs.

Excellent Command of the English Language

Even though Tagalog is the official language of the Philippines and there are many different varieties of the language spoken there, English is still widely used in the country’s professional and educational sectors.

The Philippines ranked first in a 2012 study of Business English proficiency performed by the software company Global English. The Philippines surpassed the United States and the United Kingdom.

South Koreans, Japanese, and Taiwanese are increasingly signing up Filipinos to teach them English due to the country’s reputation as an English-speaking hub.

A mixture of different cultures

Multiple nations have held the Philippines as a colony at one time or another. Its customs and traditions originate from its three-hundred-year period as a Spanish colony. U.S. and Japanese imperialism led to the colonization of the Philippines.

Multiple nations have held the Philippines as a colony at one time or another. Its customs and traditions originate from its three-hundred-year period as a Spanish colony. U.S. and Japanese imperialism led to the colonization of the Philippines.

Since then, Filipino culture has absorbed the mores and values of many other cultures. Different nations that conquered the archipelago left their mark on its culture and institutions.

Filipinos can blend into any society. Though they have been exposed to and shaped by Western culture, they also have a firm grasp of the traditions of other nations.

Positive Approach to Work

The Filipino people are known for their diligence. More importantly, they have a positive outlook on their jobs and treat others with respect.

Due to the importance placed on family, the Filipino community is very close-knit. They have learned to value their elders’ advice and to treat others with kindness. Moreover, they are very religious people.

About 81 percent of the Philippines’ 100 million population identify as Catholic. Many of their core values originate from Catholicism. Filipinos are examples of grace under adversity; even when dealing with angry clients, they keep their cool and treat everyone with kindness and consideration.

Prevent them from giving up on you.

Customers that stumble across your website may have inquiries while they peruse your offerings.

Unfortunately, statistics show that customers are more likely to abandon their online purchases if they don’t obtain immediate help with their issues.

Customers are more likely to purchase when live chat assistance is offered. Therefore it’s a smart idea to staff chat support agents.

Three of every four customers would rather talk with brands; thus, providing this service is a great approach to show them you care and are always available.

Low Wage Workers

The outsourcing sector in the Philippines has average compensation of USD 1.50 per hour. In the United States, Canada, and Australia, the median hourly wage ranges from $16 to $20.

The fee is equivalent to the starting salary for an entry-level agent. Executives and managers may expect an hourly wage of $3.50 to $7. These pay scales are so low that they’re much lower than the minimum wage in industrialized nations.

Acquiring a comprehensive outsourced agency for customer assistance costs $9 to $12 per hour. All costs (salaries, benefits, rent, primary and secondary Internet, utilities, and contingencies) are rolled into one flat charge.

Thus, not only can you save a lot of money by outsourcing customer support services to the Philippines, but you can rest easy knowing that they have the right culture and skills to execute a good job.

The ability to meet standards and set criteria is just part of what constitutes excellent customer service. Being able to assist clients in resolving their issues in a reasonable amount of time depends on having the correct mindset, character traits, and habits of conduct.


It’s worth keeping in mind that the Philippines is a wonderful choice for outsourcing live chat services for organizations looking to save expenses without sacrificing quality. However, not every business should do this. It will help if you consider the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing your customer service department before making a final choice. Please do your homework to ensure that the decision you make for your firm is in its best interest and that this plan is appropriate for your requirements.