Why the Philippines is a Top Destination for BPO Services

The dynamic world of business calls on all companies, big and small, to prioritize customer support and success to spur sustainable growth. Business process outsourcing is central to achieving this and ensuring high customer retention.

As an entrepreneur, business owner, or manager, you’ve heard that the Philippines is where you need to go if you want to outsource some of your business processes. Like any wise leader, introspection is critical to making the right decisions for your company’s present and future. You may wonder why the Philippines is a top destination for BPO services and why everyone recommends it.

This blog post will help you answer this question with compelling evidence of why you need to partner with a BPO provider from the Philippines.

A Culture Fit You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Top among the reasons why the Philippines is famed for its business process outsourcing providers is because of the culture fit of its people to what the fast and competitive business world needs today.

At a time when the internet is making businesses obsolete and giving customers more awareness and power in their decision-making about a company and its products, having a dedicated team at hand is crucial to success. The Filipinos are famed for their high professional standards and unmatched work ethic.

Putting in a 10+ hour shift is not an anomaly in the Philippines, and you will not be surprised to learn that most employees remain with one employer for their entire professional career. Filipinos understand the value of family and dedication. They regard hard work done passionately as the best way to show love for their family, and they take this mentality into any work they do.

These fiercely loyal people will be ever-present to help your business serve its customers in the best way possible. Their dedication and loyalty mean you can rely on a team that will offer you stability even as your business goes through rapid changes. Due to their work ethic, Filipinos can work around the clock and serve your customers in different time zones efficiently without fail.

97% of The Working Population Is Literate

The Philippines boasts one of the most robust education programs in South East Asia and globally. The government makes it compulsory for every child up to 12 years to attend school, which is free for all.

This focus on education in the country has resulted in a highly educated and skilled workforce. 97% of all adults aged 15 years and above can read and write in English, which is the second language and among the official languages of the country. Much of the communication by businesses, government, and religious agencies is through English, with the media also centered on transmitting information through the language.

When you partner with a BPO provider from the Philippines, you are guaranteed a team of agents that can perfectly converse with your customers. Filipinos are also taught about the English culture extensively, and paired with their stoic approach to life, it makes them one of the most courteous people.

If you want to revamp your customer service and give your clients an experience they will remember, outsourcing your business processes to the Philippines is the answer. Filipinos are calm and centered, able to communicate even with the most dissatisfied customers by empathizing with them, ensuring an amicable resolution to any issue they face, and improving customer retention.

Competitive Wage Structure

A fact that is hard to ignore is that business process outsourcing can be an expensive endeavor when done in the US, UK, or Australia. The high wages in these countries are a prohibitive factor contributing to many companies outsourcing to the Philippines or outright ignoring their most essential business processes. But, as a business looking to distinguish yourself from competitors, you must recognize their grievances hence the need for a solution.

That is different in the Philippines, where the average monthly income for a BPO agent is 40,000 PHP or $750. Compared to the national average, which is 25,000 PHP (400 USD) monthly, BPO agents are among the most highly paid workers in the country. It means that you can expect to pay less than you would in other countries for BPO services but still provide a competitive wage that contributes to a high quality of living for BPO workers.

Many Filipino graduates seek opportunities in the BPO industry because of the high income it guarantees them, which is almost twice the national average. As of 2021, the sector employs more than 1.3 million Filipinos, with an expected 100,000 new jobs created yearly, contributing more than $28 Billion to the Philippines’ GDP.

Outsourcing business processes in the Philippines allows your company to get a highly skilled workforce that performs exemplarily at a fraction of what it would cost in developed economies. Moreover, the competitive wages offered by companies in the industry, such as Loop Contact Solutions, guarantee that you will pay a living wage and have a consistent stream of agents coming in to help your company grow.

You Get Customized Service Packages

Businesses have transformed since the explosion of global trade, meaning each venture has its unique business processes that help it serve its customer diligently and stay ahead of the competition.

No matter your business needs, there is a Philippine BPO provider to serve them efficiently. Loop Contact Solutions distinguishes itself by offering the following services;

  1. Customer Acquisition – Consistently attract new customers for your business and drive them along the sales pipeline. We have experienced agents that help you manage your inbound and outbound sales, do live chat sales, generate leads, and set appointments.
  2. Customer Support – We offer unique solutions to help you engage customers through customer service, email and technical support, customer onboarding, and success.
  3. Customer Retention – It costs twice as much to attract new customers as it does to retain the ones you have. With Loop Contact Solutions, you can enhance your customer retention efforts with our customer winbacks, saving cancels, and saving failed renewals services.
  4. Subscription Management – If you run a subscription business, you understand the value of cutting-edge full-service sales and support call center options to ensure an experience worth repeating for customers. At Loop Contact Solutions, this is our specialty, and we are on hand to help your subscription business meet its goals.
  5. Customer Growth – We consistently train our agents on the latest technology and techniques to help your customer growth objectives through upselling and cross-selling.

Reliable Government Support

The Philippine government has consistently supported the growth of the BPO industry in the country since its beginning in the 90s. Successive regimes have understood how pivotal this industry is to the creation of jobs and the growth of the economy. The BPO industry in the Philippines contributes 3% of the overall GDP, making it a cornerstone for the government when looking to enable the growth and development of its citizens.

To facilitate the BPO industry, the government has invested in infrastructure such as communication. The Philippines has one of the most reliable internet connections of any country in South East Asia. Moreover, power outages are rare, ensuring that BPOs can consistently serve their clients with minimal downtimes.

BPO providers setting up camp in the Philippines benefit from government incentives, making the process much more straightforward than in other countries. Furthermore, there are also tax exemptions for these providers whenever they employ Filipino agents. These two factors have made opening a BPO company in the Philippines a simple process and have boosted the number of such ventures in the country, ensuring that overseas clients can count on a reliable supply of services.

The Philippines is also one of South East Asia’s safest and most politically stable countries. This factor has contributed to a thriving business environment supporting the setting up of BPO companies and foreign investment.

With investor confidence high and a supportive business environment, going for BPO Philippines has become the norm for companies looking to grow sustainably and leave their in-house teams to handle the tasks that bring in the most value.

Contracting A BPO Provider In The Philippines Is A No-brainer

As has been detailed, the Philippines is a vibrant location that supports the growth of BPO providers, ensuring that it remains a top destination for businesses looking for these services.

For your business to thrive in the modern age, it needs to prioritize the customer experience, ensuring that everyone interacting with it has a compelling reason to return and even recommend the business to another person.

BPO providers in the Philippines make this possible at a fraction of the price it would cost in other countries. Moreover, a highly skilled labor force fluent in English and dedicated to excellent customer service makes contracting a BPO Philippines provider a no-brainer!

At Loop Contact Solutions, we are dedicated to helping your business acquire customers, retain them and grow your operations without straining your in-house resources. We are a team of self-motivated agents passionate about assisting businesses to achieve their maximum potential.