Why Is the Philippines the Leading Destination for Call Centers?

In today’s business world, it is essential to keep efficient and effective communication systems in place. Excellent customer service remains pivotal to acquiring new customers or retaining current clients. Since the 1990s, the Philippines have played an increasingly significant role in securing business success. In fact, they have since become the #1 destination for outsourced call centers worldwide.

There are several reasons why the Philippines is the top spot for BPO providers. In understanding why it is such a popular location, you can leverage its strengths and bring unmatched value to your customers. Discover why businesses like yours choose a call center Philippines to outsource their processes below.

A Large Labor Force With Advanced Education and Skills

The Philippines strongly focus on call centers, as they contribute significantly to their thriving economy. The field employs more than 1.3 million residents and rakes in upwards of $30 billion for the country. Remarkably, these numbers continue to grow annually.

The rapidly expanding call center industry displays that businesses continuously entrust customer service to the Philippines. Likewise, it showcases that the government and BPO providers are willing to invest in this portion of the labor force. In fact, they ensure they have the most educated and skilled call center agents in the world.

The education system offers a curriculum for students interested in following an outsourced process career. Individuals acquire a deep knowledge of the industry, practices, and protocols and develop essential skills. In other countries, workers often enter call centers with minimal related education.

Additionally, most Filipinos speak English as a first or second language. Since this is the case, call center agents boast English-speaking proficiency, Americanized slang and idioms, and a neutral accent. Accordingly, call center agents can interact, understand, and conversate with clients in the United States and around the world.

Finally, call centers to ensure their new hires are always up-to-par with their teams. They invest in extensive training and continuously upskill their workers to stay competitive globally. Therefore, companies can feel confident they always provide the best possible customer service.

The Most Cost-Effective Call Center Services Worldwide

When businesses outsource their communications processes to call centers Philippines, they save significantly on labor and operating costs. While setting up and maintaining a center may be expensive in North America or Europe, they are considerably lower in Southeast Asia.

The number #1 source of cost-efficiency lies in labor costs. Call center agents may earn between $1 and $3.50 per hour, depending on their education, experience, results, hiring company, and contract. While these average salaries are much lower than North American salaries, remember that the cost of living is much lower in the Philippines; their earnings stay on par with fair market wages.

While labor costs may be inexpensive, many call centers in other countries may offer similar deals. You may wonder what makes call centers in the Philippines distinctive; the answer lies in the quality of the services. Since representatives’ knowledge, skills, and training are superior to other countries and their call centers, businesses know they are receiving a higher value for the cost.

Furthermore, businesses can save on set-up and operating costs when outsourcing to the Philippines. The government maintains low-cost infrastructure and offsets operation costs for BPO providers, mainly through tax breaks. In this way, they can afford to run ongoing outsourced services for relatively cheap rates. Likewise, they do not need to sacrifice office space, equipment, software, or training to accomplish this effectively.

For these reasons, companies around the world often route all their communications to Philippines call centers. Many share their most expensive processes: customer acquisitionretention, and upselling/cross-selling. In-kind, they can maximize their revenues and save on marketing, outreach, and closing.

A Drive to Integrate Technology and Upgrade Services

Businesses must keep up with consumer demand to stay competitive and achieve long-term success. One of the ways customer needs have been changing is through customer service. Customers expect companies to respond quickly, remain friendly, answer questions confidently, provide outstanding offers, and solve problems.

Since this is the case, companies often feel pressured to stay on the lookout for new technology. Alternatively, they can save time and money by turning to a call center Philippines. BPO providers are always looking for new ways to serve clients, satisfy customers, and improve communications. Likewise, the government supports their efforts and even helps build appropriate infrastructure.

Call centers believe that all new technology should help serve customers more effectively. They may integrate multiple modes of communication, ensuring that customers can contact them easily and quickly. For instance, companies may prefer to have agents responding to phone calls, e-mails, or chats.

Technology may support agents’ work and make their tasks faster and more accurate. They may incorporate robotic process automation (RPA) to automate simple, repetitive tasks so that representatives can focus on engaging with clients. Or, machine learning may help agents identify solutions faster than ever before.

Furthermore, call centers can make sure company and customer information are always secure through upgraded technology. Since the 1980s, the Philippines has invested in safe and private systems and protocols. Likewise, cloud computing helps maintain data and server backups in case of emergency. These integrations ensure call centers Philippines remain trusted partners for even the most sensitive facilities, businesses, and fields.

The Government Backs Call Centers Every Step of the Way

Government support has made all the difference for BPO providers. Their backing has contributed significantly to how the outsourcing industry grew in the country, ensuring companies could take advantage of their call centers. Likewise, they have helped maintain cost-effective prices, understanding that small and large businesses may require their services.

The Philippines government encourages start-up and small BPO providers to grow significantly. While they make it easier for foreign investors to take an interest in these companies, they also fund education, build telecommunications infrastructure, and contribute to new technology. In these ways, they have helped outsourcing expand across the country.

Additionally, they made it easier for businesses to choose the Philippines as their call center destination. For instance, they passed the Data Security Act and SEZ Act. Business owners can trust BPO providers to abide by these data security and privacy policies, as they are required and supported by law.

Since the government handles many costs associated with training, infrastructure, and equipment, call centers can provide excellent services at cost-effective prices for their clients. BPO providers may go above and beyond to add onto that initial training and skillset to stay ahead of their competition. Yet, since they do not need to reach too far into their own pockets for these expenses, they often do not affect their well-received rates.

Favorable Services and Results for Businesses

The main reason that the Philippines is the leading destination for call centers is because of their comprehensive services and outstanding results. Businesses all over the world flock to the Philippines’ call centers to increase customer acquisition, improve customer service, retain their customer base, and boost their product and service sales.

BPO providers, like Loop Contact Solutions, may be interested in providing comprehensive outsourced services. In this way, businesses can meet all their needs in one convenient place. Additionally, they may benefit from integrated services, customer or sales funnels, and competitive packages. They may even enjoy additional features, such as 24/7 services or various mediums of communication.

Call centers to consider the specific business and industry when developing strategies rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach. They work very closely with individual companies to ensure they understand the brand, business, and audience. Then, they create plans and train teams to help reach the business goals.

Customer satisfaction remains a top priority for all call center agents, as they know this is what drives effective marketing and sales. Their language, knowledge, and skills back this goal. Yet, call centers are always ready to upskill their workers when they discover new, positive techniques or methods.

Finally, outsourced call centers heavily focus on achieving high numbers. Whether companies wish to increase customer acquisition, boost subscriptions, or decrease lost customers, dedicated teams can work towards accomplishing those goals. Ultimately, call centers in the Philippines know how to satisfy both businesses and customers.

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