Why Do You Need to Outsource Your Call Center Services in the Philippines?

Outsourcing is a popular method for cost reduction used by many businesses to stay afloat, get ahead, and improve profit margins. However, the practice is frowned upon in favor of hiring local talent, which supposedly keeps customers more satisfied and risks spending too much money on providing call center services. But how can you have the best of both worlds and have the positives without the negatives?

The answer is to outsource your call center services to the Philippines. The Philippines is known for its prowess in the call center industry and its ability to cater to American customers without the need to hire American employees. In this article, we will detail the reasons why you should outsource your call center services in the Philippines.

Why Do You Need to Outsource Your Call Center Services in the Philippines?

Outsourcing to the Philippines Helps Improve Customer Service and Sales Numbers

It’s a myth that outsourcing reduces customer satisfaction. This widely spread falsehood is associated with call centers that do not properly train, vet their workers, or require competencies in American English. However, you shouldn’t judge all foreign call centers based on the reputation of a few.

On the contrary, many Filipino call centers are known for their quality and their ability to make improvements in American customer satisfaction numbers. For example, Loop Contact Solutions, based in the Philippines, provides a customer satisfaction rate of 95% to their American clients. They also boast a 150% ROI rate and guarantee results or your money back after trying for 90 days.

Philippines Call Center Jobs Are Sought After

In the Philippines, call center jobs are highly sought after due to being comfortable positions that hire educated workers. Hiring teams are able to vet employees, mandate high levels of skill in American English, and rigorously test their candidates before hiring. Filipinos want to work in call center environments because they are fast-paced and challenging and reward high salaries.

Because so many people want call center jobs, call centers like Loop Contact Solutions are able to be picky when hiring. Loop Contact Solutions, for example, has a 4-layer screening process for new applicants and hires only the top-performing agents for customer service and sales teams.

Due to these high standards, call centers in the Philippines have actually been shown to improve customer satisfaction numbers for American companies. Call center employees in the Philippines care about their jobs and must adhere to standards to satisfy their client customers. But what about American call centers?

Cutting Costs on American Soil Backfires

American companies trying to cut costs may try to keep their companies local by paying call center employees less, not spending on new equipment for their call center, and reducing benefits. These tactics reduce retention rates of quality employees and make it difficult to draw in new employees that are passionate about call center work and put effort into their jobs.

Like in-house customer service and sales on a budget, American call centers also provide lower-quality output. These positions are usually minimum wage jobs in the United States, while they are sought-after office positions in the Philippines. American call centers are not a good replacement for in-house customer service and sales.

However, by outsourcing to a Filipino call center, American businesses are able to cut costs without cutting quality. In fact, many American business owners find that switching to outsourcing actually upgrades their quality while cutting costs. When we refer to having the best of both worlds with outsourcing, you can find lower costs and higher quality when outsourcing to a call center in the Philippines.

Are Filipino Call Center Employees like American Call Center Employees?

There are many close cultural connections between the Philippines and America. For one, the Philippines was colonized for several years by the United States from 1898 to 1946. These years spent under American colonial rule tied the nations together. Now, Filipinos learn English at substantial rates compared to other countries.

The percentage of those in the Philippines who speak English is 92%, according to Seven Corners. English is taught alongside native Filipino languages in school, leading to the proficiency of Filipino call center employees.

Additionally, Filipinos consume a great deal of American media. Like many around the world, the Philippines has an eye on Hollywood for music, movies, tv shows, and more. Filipinos pay attention to American celebrities, drama, and news.

Usually, Filipino call center workers are undetectable as foreign workers, as they only have a slight accent but otherwise speak American English and are familiar with American culture. In most cases, an American customer will assume that they are speaking with an American customer service or sales representative.

Can Philippines Call Centers Handle Inbound Call Center Services?

Inbound call center services can be capably handled by Philippines call centers. Services such as customer service are what they are known for! In fact, one of the main benefits of hiring a call center that is outsourced is that you can implement 24/7 call, chat, and email support for your business. Also, inbound call center services are personalized for your business at call centers like Loop Contact Solutions. Call, chat, and email agents are hired specifically for client businesses.

Loop Contact Solutions also has the capability to manage inbound sales calls, which can secure sales in real-time 24/7. As you may know, sales are best captured when a customer is interested. If a customer has taken the time to place a phone call, Loop Contact Solutions will ensure that a capable sales representative will be on the other line and prepared to answer the phone to secure a deal for your company.

From simple order calls to complex product inquiries, inbound representatives are trained to know your products and services inside and out, just like a dedicated employee would. Loop Contact Solutions has managed inbound sales calls since 2015, implementing marketing and sales strategies to sell, cross-sell, and upsell for American businesses with ease.

Can Philippines Call Centers Handle Outbound Call Center Services?

Like inbound call center services, outbound call center services are also able to be handled by Filipino call centers. Customer service tasks such as follow-up calls, answering emails, and responding to clients can all be performed by a Filipino call center. Also, Filipino call centers can do more than just handle customer service.

Call centers in the Philippines can also reliably pursue sales leads, complete cold calls, and increase the profits of American companies. Outbound call center services from an outsourced call center are able to sell products, retain clients, and pursue new clients.

At Loop Contact Solutions, outbound sales representatives are the backbone of the outbound call center services the Philippines has to offer. Loop Contact Solutions employs processes geared toward boosting sales conversion rates, cross-selling and upselling, following up on failed renewals, and cart abandoners. Other sales services that these sales reps can perform include converting marketing campaign leads, front-end sales, back-end subscription sales, and pursuing clients who canceled services.

In many ways, the outbound sales services provided by Philippines call centers are better than those provided by American call centers. While these sales efforts are made by call center employees, these call center employees are specifically trained as dedicated sales representatives who work for your business. Loop Contact Solutions will train sales representatives to sell your products and services as if they were your very own employee.

How Much Money Can Outsourcing to a Filipino Call Center Save?

High-quality Philippines call center Loop Contact Solutions estimates 50% savings over American call centers. These savings are substantial and stem from reduced overhead, currency conversion benefits, equipment prices, and office space costs, among other expenses.

Not only will outsourcing to the Philippines save your company money, but you will also receive superior services. When outsourcing to a Filipino call center like Loop Contact Solutions, American companies receive top-tier benefits like skilled management and training.

Loop Contact Solutions also supplies planning, feedback, and statistical management and compiles a dedicated team for your business. Loop Contact Solutions says it best, “Bottom line: You get a great team at a great savings” when outsourcing to the Philippines.

Curious about how much you can save with a Filipino call center? Reach out to Loop Contact Solutions today for a custom quote!


Interested in outsourcing to the Philippines? Doing so will help to improve the profits of your business by saving money and time and having a superior service. From customer service to superior sales, you won’t regret making the choice to outsource call center services to the Philippines. In fact, it just might be the best decision you ever make for your business!

For more information regarding inbound call center services and outbound call center services, contact Loop Contact Solutions here. Loop Contact Solutions has a positive reputation in the Philippines and the United States as one of the best call centers in the Philippines for a reason. Contact Loop Contact Solutions today for a free one-hour consultation!