Why Are the Philippines the Go-To Destination for Call Center Services?

Your company is doing great. You can see its potential to skyrocket – maybe you’ve already got observable growth. You need a bigger call center team but the financial implications worry you and your board. So your company is considering ways to capitalize on its growth without taking a significant hit to your bottom line.

There is an easy solution. If you want excellent call center operatives without having to worry about the infrastructure and save a ton of cash, you could outsource to the Philippines. The Philippines is full of highly trained and efficient call center service teams like Loop who offer significant savings over most US & EU call centers.

What’s more, Filipino agents are super-friendly and Americanized operatives, so communication will never be a barrier. In fact, call centers in the Philippines are becoming the go-to location for outsourcing call centers and other customer service operations for many American and international firms.

But why should your company outsource your call center services to the Philippines?

There are lots of reasons. But let’s take a closer look at what makes outsourcing a game-changer for many companies.

Reducing Costs

Anything that can save your company money is a win, right? And by outsourcing your call center to the Philippines, you could save your company between 50% – 80% in operational costs. The funds you save by outsourcing can help your company invest in its future in other ways.

And if the percentage you’ll save sounds too good to be true or unethical, don’t worry. The lower cost of outsourcing your call center to the Philippines is not because of poor pay or working conditions of the agents, it’s because the cost of living is significantly less. Call center staff are paid a fair wage to do their best work for your company.

Proficiency in English

All outsourced Filipino agents are fluent English speakers. This might be surprising to believe considering the Philippines is on an entirely different continent, but 70% of the Filipino population is fluent in English.

Like many parts of the world, the Philippines recognize that English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. That’s why many Filipino children learn English before going to school and their students continue throughout the rest of their education.

You’ll be outsourcing your call center to Americanized and fluent English speakers who also happen to be at least bilingual – it’s a bonus asset if you plan on expanding your business into the East.

Intelligent Workforce

Your call center operatives are the front line of your company. They are often the first point of contact between you and your customers. That’s why it’s important to provide a swift and slick call center experience. And far from being an unskilled job, versatile and efficient agents are a highly prized asset to Filipino customer service providers.

So another bonus of outsourcing your call center to the Philippines is you’ll get a highly-skilled and intelligent workforce. And because the Philippines has a larger younger population, there are plenty of skilled workers ready to be hired.

In your outsourced call center team, you’ll often find young graduates from colleges and universities. This is because their language skills and problem-solving abilities are such a great match for customer service positions.

Flexible growth

Is your business growing slowly? No problem. Is your business seasonal? No problem. Might your business requirements scale up or down over time? No problem.

By choosing to outsource your call center to the Philippines with a company such as Loop, you can expand or contract the service agreement accordingly. Most call centers in the Philippines offer flexible terms and shorter commitment lengths than most domestic call centers.

It’s easier to scale your business when you’re using outsourced services in other ways too. Building your business’s own call center can require a huge investment of time and money. Outsourcing all the infrastructure required to house the workforce is not your responsibility if you hire a Filipino team.

Streamline Workforce Management

As an employer, you’re probably already aware of the logistical, legal, medical, and tax ramifications of hiring on-site staff. That’s before you consider the costs of insurance, heating, energy, and building upkeep for your office space. Expanding your existing workforce and infrastructure to accommodate your growing needs means expending more of the same: money and time.

By outsourcing your call center to the Philippines, you won’t have to worry about the cost of managing a larger workforce. Neither will you have to concern yourself with the infrastructure needed to support that workforce – it’s ready-made.

Outsourcing is also a great option if you want to transition your existing workforce. You can outsource part of your customer care to the Philippines and your existing workforce can be deployed elsewhere in your organization to help it grow.

And if you’d like to reduce your domestic workforce, off-shoring the BPO of your call center may mean a reduction in your existing outgoings as well as reduce the time spent in managing your current employees.

Increased Security & Privacy

Security is high on everyone’s list of requirements for data handling. And one of the main concerns of many US and European-based companies is the security of their clients’ personal details. But security and privacy are the key areas that customer service companies in the Philippines take pride in.

Call centers based in the Philippines have built reliable and totally secure systems over the last 30 years. They have an established history of providing secure handling of the most sensitive data. And they continue to protect the data of some of the largest public and private industries they partner with. This includes the fields of US health insurance, medical services, and personal finance companies amongst others.

Offer 24/7 Service

Offering 24/7 customer support is almost expected by most customers right now. It’s a surefire way to convince a customer they should go with you. If your company doesn’t currently offer a 24/7 call center, it’s probably a priority for the next phase of your growth strategy.

There are two ways outsourcing your call center to the Philippines can help you achieve your goals:

Blended 24/7 support

If you already have a well-structured and efficient call center team but they work regular 9-5 hours, have you thought about a blended 24/7 service? You can expand to 24/7 availability by outsourcing your out-of-hours service to the Philippines.

By blending your domestic team, with an outsourced call center team from the Philippines, you won’t be overburdening your current staff or have to onboard extra employees. Call center service providers in the Philippines offer short or longer-term contracts that can be built around your company’s needs.

And if you’re a US company, it’s a perfect fit because there is a twelve-hour time difference between America and the Philippines making it easier for Filipino operatives to cover your night shift.

Full 24/7 support

Want to outsource your call center entirely to the Philippines and still offer 24/7 service? No problem. The Philippines have built a large BPO service industry over the last 30 years. Because of this, the workforce is highly geared towards 24/7 working.

With a 24/7 work pattern normalized throughout the country the Philippines is a great destination for many BPO services – call centers being at the heart of the industry. It’s a great way to offer 24/7 service, especially in sales sectors where this level of customer care is expected.

BPO Service Credibility

The BPO sector in the Philippines accounts for around 14% of the global market share. So its BPO credentials are widely known and trusted. And because they’ve been providing business processing services for roughly 30 years, they’ve earned that trust.

Nothing speaks better than experience and the Philippines is the destination for outsourcing customer service provisions. The Philippines can track its BPO industry right back to the start to the start of the growth of the world wide web, in 1992.

And as a reflection of the industry’s level of expertise since then, the country has attracted some of the biggest global names to partner with Filipino BPO services.

Why Loop Contact Solutions call center is the best choice for your business

Loop Contact Solutions is proud of our talented agents who provided expert customer support services for our clients. Your business could join our portfolio of satisfied clients by outsourcing your call center to our highly-skilled team.

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We already prioritize the customer experience of customers around the world by responding swiftly to customer calls and processing issues with speed and efficiency. We’ll resolve the majority of your customer concerns without the necessity to involve your domestic team and have the ability to onboard customers for prompt sales.

Loop Contact Solutions would be proud to represent your company with our knowledgeable agents who’ll become expert representatives of your business. And what’s even better, we’ll positively affect your bottom line: you get a great team and make great savings.