What Is Cold Calling in a Call Center in the Philippines?

Cold calling is a sales strategy whereby a salesperson or agent contacts a prospect that previously did not interact with or had knowledge of the business calling them. It is a sophisticated yet effective way of contacting prospective customers and converting them into buyers loyal to your brand.

Cold calling transcends just picking up the phone and putting it down. The practice goes deeper into researching a prospect to improve lead generation. The cold-calling team also needs to take surveys at the end of calls to gauge quality and improve selling techniques. Call analytics are also essential to measure each calling script’s effectiveness and identify optimization opportunities.

Doing all these in-house proves to be a challenge for companies that want to focus on the core business of producing and improving the value of their products and services. Setting up such a team in-house for small and large enterprises may also be costly.

Cold Calling Call Centers in the Philippines , like Loop Contact Solutions, exist to help you overcome this business conundrum that each venture looking to gain a competitive advantage faces. This blog post will explore the benefits cold calling can offer your business and share an actionable guide on hiring a Philippines cold calling company.

Types of Cold Calling Services

Each business has unique needs that will prompt it to enlist the services of a cold calling center in the Philippines. Some of these issues include difficulties attracting and retaining customers and wanting to offer customers a better post-purchase experience to encourage repeat business.

The cold calling center that you partner with will have specific services suited to what your business is looking for. At Loop Contact Solutions, our cold-calling services target e-Commerce businesses and financial publishers.

Our cold calling service in the Philippines is focused on helping your business reach prospective customers, introduce them to your products, warm the leads, and book demos where needed. The scope of our customer acquisition cold calling service extends further to the following.

Outbound Sales

Pitching your business or product to a new clientele is a process that requires proactiveness and continued effort that gets callers interested in the sales pitch and gets their questions answered satisfactorily.

At Loop Contact Solutions, as part of our customer acquisition cold calling service in the Philippines, we offer tailored outbound cold calling to help your business acquire more customers and get many more interested in your product or service and how it can transform their lives.

We hire cold calling experts with impressive English mastery as well as professionalism, industry expertise, and politeness to ensure the cold calls are attracted to your business. The agents we assign your business will feel like a part of your business that you have been missing.

Lead Generation

Cold calling produces fantastic results when used as an outbound sales strategy to inform prospects about the existence of your product or service. The strategy is even more efficient when employed in lead generation.

The prospects you contact have already shown an interest in your business by listening to your sales agent. Why not get them hooked and pushed further along the sales funnel? This is where cold-calling experts like those at Loop Contact Solutions come in.

We offer top-of-the-class training resources to our cold-calling agents to make them invaluable lead-generation assets once they start working on your business. Attract more qualified leads and improve your chances of conversion by outsourcing your cold calling to Loop Contact Solutions Philippines.

Appointment Setting

Another premium service we offer at Loop Contact Solutions when contracted as your partner cold calling center in the Philippines is appointment setting. We understand that talking to contacts is best when handled in phases, and the lead is warmed to improve chances of turning them into a buying and loyal customer.

We provide you with the expertise needed to turn cold-calling opportunities into appointments to demo your product or speak with a decision-maker in the business you called. Our cold-calling agents are continuously trained in effective sales language that connects the buyer and the brand, thus encouraging them to try out the products on offer.

Benefits of a Philippine Cold Calling Company

Partnering with a Philippine cold-calling company is bound to bring immense benefits to your business regardless of size. Some of the most visible results clients notice when working with such a company include the following.

a) Improved Efficiency

With an off-shoot of your company with a fully trained and capable team, you improve the efficiency in-house. Your business can spend more time improving your product offering and other value-producing activities that can help you move clear of your competition.

b) Tap Into An Expert Pool

Hiring as many experts as a cold calling service in the Philippines can be lengthy and costly. Hiring a Philippine cold calling company allows you to tap into a pool of experts at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to hire one in-house or train them. The value is also immense as they are better-placed to make successful cold calls that lead to business than amateur or inexperienced cold callers you may train in your company.

c) Cost Effective

Cost is the main stumbling block behind businesses that need cold calling services not hiring them despite the evidence that such a service could help spur their growth. One of the main benefits of hiring a Philippine cold-calling company like Loop Contact Solutions is that we can help you get affordable cold-calling services no matter your budget.

Business process outsourcing is a government-supported industry in the Philippines and a significant contributor to its GDP. As of 2019, more than 1.3 million Filipinos were employed in over 1000 BPOs. Such a vast talent pool means Philippine cold calling companies can offer competitive pricing than those in the US, UK, and Australia.

Cold calling services will cost you between $8-$15 in the Philippines, while this number could go as high as $25-$75 in the USA. Partnering with a Filipino cold-calling company is a cheat code that will keep your operational costs low but allow you to have a customer acquisition team firing on all rounds, attracting more qualified leads to your business.

What to Look For in a Philippine Cold Calling Company

Having evaluated the benefits of having a cold calling company handle customer acquisition needs for your business, and what it costs to hire a Philippine company, this section dives deeper into how you can look for the right company to partner with.

i) Proven Experience

When hiring a cold-calling company, you are better off avoiding new companies without established experience that you can look back to and predict the results they will deliver. Ask for the company’s portfolio and run through it thoroughly to see if other notable businesses in your niche approve of the services of the cold-calling company.

At Loop Contact Solutions, we have amassed extensive experience in cold calling and offering call center services to businesses. We take our time to understand your business and target audience to ensure that our agents’ cold calls will yield positive results. Our experience in the game allows us to draft the most suitable sales scripts for your business and match you with the right personnel to boost success.

ii) Training And Development

The ideal cold calling company to partner with in the Philippines should have an in-house comprehensive training and development program that ensures it routinely produces highly-skilled call agents to help your business acquire new customers.

This program will guarantee that you are partnering with a cold-calling company that will assign cold-calling agents capable of helping your business due to their knowledge of the latest customer acquisition techniques in the market.

iii) Transparency

The cold-calling company you go for in the Philippines should have a transparency policy and uphold it to the highest levels. Watching out for such a detail ensures you can partner with companies with a transparent rate structure, letting you know how much you will pay and what it will cover.

A cold-calling company that withholds this information from you or does not fully disclose them will cause you problems down the line when you continue the business relationship.

Why Choose Loop Contact Solutions Over Other Philippines Cold Calling Centers?

Loop Contact Solutions offers tailored cold-calling services to match your business size, goals, and ambitions. We have highly-trained cold-calling agents, all qualified with bachelor’s degrees and with work experience, professionalism, and courtesy to match. We are a team of curious people concerned with how businesses can grow and improve their relationships with new customers through cold calling. Reach out to our team today for a quote.

In Conclusion

Cold calling services are essential for any business looking to attract new customers, create awareness about their brand and generate leads. Having a reliable BPO provider that can ensure smooth delivery of cold calling services will help you streamline your operations, boost efficiency and enhance customer experience. Try a Philippine cold calling center like Loop Contact Solution and watch your business transform.