The Role of Customer Experience in the Success of Call Centers in the Philippines

Providing services as a call center to other businesses comes with several goals. Perhaps most importantly, a call center must provide the same level of service or better than the business does on its own. Clients want their company to be represented with the same care as it was before it was outsourced to a call center, which means that effort must be taken to do so.

Call centers must prioritize customer experience in their work—but what are the expectations, and how can call centers rise to the occasion? Growing pains have come to be expected from outsourcing, but there is no reason for them to be.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of delivering a positive customer experience in the call center industry in the Philippines and offer strategies for achieving this goal. Let’s get right into it!

The Role of Customer Experience in the Success of Call Centers in the Philippines

How Do Call Centers Contribute to Customer Experience?

With care and attention, using a call center for your business needs can help to drastically improve customer experience. A business without a designated customer support representative team can appear cold, unreachable, and untrustworthy to prospective and current customers. On the other hand, having a personable, helpful human on the other line makes a customer feel cared for and heard.

With employees that are trained to engage in customer relations, Philippines call centers are adept at talking to American clients, solving problems, making cold calls, and whatever a company may need. The experience that employees of call centers in the Philippines have has been proven to contribute to improved customer satisfaction, sales conversions, and retained customers.

Additionally, call centers are also able to use analytics and strategies through their expertise that an understaffed or underfunded employee section of a business may not be able to make. These analytics contribute to customer experience directly. Call centers can collect metrics, sales data, and more to help improve company strategies and protocols. This data collection can help contribute to further success in engaging with customers and attempting to make sales and connections.

The right call center for your business will help to provide a better customer experience while improving your business processes in other ways. They care about the success of your business, especially so they can keep you as a client.

What Are the Challenges Call Centers Face in the Area of Customer Experience?

Despite the training, success, and hardworking nature of Filipino call center employees, there are still challenges that call centers in the Philippines face. Namely, in the assumptions that others make about the quality of call centers. Let’s discuss these issues and how call centers can work to overcome them.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions

Call centers can get a bad reputation for the mistakes of others, regardless of hardworking employees and well-trained staff. While not all call centers are alike, there is a misconception in America that call centers are a step down from regular customer service experiences. This thought does have roots in socioeconomic prejudice but also stems from stereotypes about call center experiences being poor in quality.

To dispel these misconceptions and assumptions, call centers in the Philippines must work to rise above, provide excellent service, and avoid any snafus that come from cultural differences. These poor experiences can lead to further misunderstandings between American audiences and companies who cater to outsourcing customer service, sales, and other business tasks.

Call centers in the Philippines work hard to dispel these misconceptions by connecting with American customers. Their high rate of English speaking allows Filipino call center workers to more easily connect with American customers and provide high-quality customer experiences.

Proving Connection to American Culture and Understanding

Due to the popularity of call centers in countries with low rates of English-speaking and more extreme cultural differences, proving that a call center can seamlessly interact with Americans is important. When trying to hire a call center and outsource services for a business, business owners should research the location of the call center to ensure that there are not too many differences.

A call to a call center employee should not feel any different than a call to an American employee in an office. If it does, customers may have negative reactions. They want to speak to someone at the company. However, call centers in the Philippines go above and beyond to ensure that customers never have this feeling due to their cultural understanding of America and fluent English speaking skills.

The Cultural Appeal of Philippines Call Centers

As we mentioned, Filipino call centers have a dedication to providing a seamless transition from company to call center. But what makes call centers in the Philippines so different? Why are they more prepared to provide high-quality customer experiences to American clients?

The answer lies primarily in the culture of the Philippines. As a people, Filipinos are very interested in American culture. Unlike other popular call center locations, the Philippines is tuned into American media, tv shows, music artists, and the American way of life. Out of all of the countries in Asia, the Philippines is considered the most Americanized.

In the Philippines, it is not uncommon to see road signs in English and movies played in English without subtitles. English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, and is required to be learned throughout the public education system.

Collaboration between Philippines workers and American companies is also not a new occurrence. In fact, there is a relatively high rate of Filipino migrant workers in the United States as a result of the close cultural ties that the two countries have. According to Migration Policy, Filipino migrants are more likely to be highly proficient in English compared to other groups of immigrants.

How Do Call Centers in the Philippines Improve Customer Experience?

Now that you know more about the distinct advantage that call centers in the Philippines have over other options, let’s discuss the strategies that Filipino call centers use to ensure customers are satisfied.

Using Loop Contact Solutions as an example, it’s clear to see that these call centers go above and beyond expectations for experience. Loop Contact Solutions is the number one call center in the Philippines and sources highly experienced call agents from Manila to boost customer satisfaction.


First and foremost, having high standards for hiring can drastically change the quality of call center employees and their work product. Loop Contact Solutions hires educated workers to fill their positions. They hire agents for individual clients and even look for qualified employees that might best suit the needs of a new client.

They also emphasize talent acquisition to ensure that they hire the best available workers. In the Philippines, call center jobs are highly sought after–but Loop Contact Solutions uses a diligent screening process for their hiring process. This process features four rounds of screening.


Secondly, Loop Contact Solutions emphasizes training. Upon hiring, new hires are rigorously trained by the Operations team to adapt to the needs of their clients, interact with customers, and boost sales.

Additionally, the agents never stop training. Each month, all of the call center agents engage in refresher training that aims to support agents in improving customer experience. For each new client, Loop also builds new training protocols and processes, so that agents can be trained directly for the needs of each client.


Aside from the care and attention that Loop Contact Solutions puts into hiring and training, they also treat each client individually to best cater to their customers’ needs. In collaboration with their clients, they learn how their client’s customers like to be spoken to, the needs of the niche, and the goals that the company has for working with a call center.

Data Collection and Reports

As we mentioned earlier, call centers in the Philippines are adept at collecting and analyzing information regarding their call center activities. They want to provide American clients with proven results and tangible statistics to help their businesses.

These data points can help identify issues in planned marketing messaging, sales strategies, and even cold call scripts. Loop Contact Solutions is always prepared to adjust their strategy based on this information and the wishes of their client for the best results in customer experience.

Proven Methodology

Lastly, there is a reason why Loop Contact Solutions pays such careful attention to selecting their agents and training them so rigorously. Their methodology is proven, with a 95% customer satisfaction record. This record rivals that of most call centers and likely competes with many customer service agents in the United States.

How to Get Started with a Philippines Call Center

Ready to start using a call center to improve customer experience? It’s as easy as reaching out to Loop Contact Solutions for a consultation with an expert by clicking here. Loop Contact Solutions also is prepared to offer you 90 days of free service to ensure that you are satisfied with their services.