The Benefits of Outsourcing to a BPO in the Philippines

The costs of running a business vary from supplies to salaries to commercial rent and mortgages, and when it’s time to grow profits it can be difficult to find room in these essential places to cut costs. But did you know that your business can actually save money by outsourcing services to another agency or country. Some locations, such as the Philippines, carry lower costs with the high quality services due to exchange rates, making the Philippines one of the best options for outsourcing services.

When choosing to outsource certain operations or processes from your company, it’s important to make sure that the quality of work and services remains the same while also cutting costs. Otherwise, the risks that can come with outsourcing aren’t worth it. This is one of the main reasons why outsourcing to a BPO in the Philippines is so attractive.

In this blog post, we detail the advantages of choosing the Philippines as a destination for outsourcing services, highlighting crucial business-building factors such as cost-effectiveness, skilled labor, and favorable business environment.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to a BPO in the Philippines

1. Reduced Cost Helps Provide Business Flexibility

There are many ways in which costs can be reduced through outsourcing tasks to another agency. These costs are even further reduced when outsourcing to an agency in the Philippines. In fact, there is an almost 50% reduction in cost when comparing an American call center to a call center for BPO in the Philippines. These savings are incredible for business growth and help to provide flexibility in times of uncertainty.

When comparing the costs of overhead and salary for permanent employees to fulfill job roles, there is almost no comparison to the savings that call center employees provide. In fact, outsourcing is one of the top ways to grow and build a business.

If you’re worried about being one of the first in your field to try out outsourcing, you have nothing to fear! In fact, 29% of small business outsource their workers and a whopping 59% of companies outsource to cut costs, according to Team Stage. These companies follow the example of successful businesses who use outsourcing as a means to have more money to invest back into the business and create higher profit margins.

2. Filipino Workers Receive Excellent Training

With the need for improved access to workers who are willing to work in call center environments, Filipino workers have been trained for call center operations. The country as a whole has realized the need for call center employees abroad, leading to the formation of multiple Filipino call centers, training programs, and job recruitment strategies pertaining to doing call center work for American clients.

With call center work being a legitimate career choice for Filipino workers, you can depend on Filipino call centers to provide highly skilled workers for your company. The workforce in the Philippines is highly skilled and dependable, due to a cultural focus on seeking more opportunities.

Filipino skilled workers are in high demand thorough out the world, with many countries wanting Filipino workers to migrate in order to work for them due to their high quality education systems. In fact, over 80 Japanese employers are currently recruiting exclusively Filipino workers due to their dedication, work ethic, and friendly disposition, according to The Manila Times.

Additionally, the median age of the Filipino workforce is fairly low, which results in highly motivated, career-focused workers. BPO jobs are high in demand for Filipino workers who see these call center positions as steady, well paying work.

3. BPO Philippines is Increasing in Popularity

With all of the amazing benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines, many regard the country as the top destination for outsourcing and staffing solutions. With workers who pay attention to detail, go through significant training to cater to American clients, and are highly skilled.

The first BPO in the Philippines was not created recently, instead starting in the 1990s, however, now BPOs in the Philippines are incredibly popular. Since 2004, “the nation’s BPO market share has increased by three times, from 4% to 12.3%,” according to Global Sourcing Brief.

In fact, now the Philippines is second only to India in outsourcing professional services in Asia and the world. With many call centers in India lower quality than call centers in the Philippines, choosing BPO Philippines is a much better investment when considering outsourcing for your business.

The Philippines is also considered the best country for outsourcing marketing, according to Zenefits. In addition to marketing, call centers in the Philippines are also well-known for their sales and customer service skill sets. These skill sets are especially needed in outsourcing spaces to retain and attract customers for business development and growth.

4. Overlap in Languages Learned

Workers in the Philippines are well-trained in other languages, making their services easily accessible. In addition to speaking native Filipino languages, those in the Philippines take English classes throughout their education. This is because English is one of the two official languages in the Philippines. As a result, students learn Philippine English which sounds very similar to an American accent.

In fact, English language classes are part of the curricula from early childhood for Filipino students. These classes allow for Filipino workers to interact seamlessly with English-speaking clients, unlike other workers who may have learned English much later in life. A total of over 92% of Filipinos speak English, making the Philippines the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world, according to MBBS Abroad Study.

This high level of English speakers makes it extraordinarily easy to find a capable English-speaking call center for Philippines BPO, such as Loop Contact Solutions.

Many people also cite similar cultural experiences as a reason why Philippine call centers are attractive to American companies. The Philippines has a similar schooling structure, media consumption and clothing habits, and even consumer habits.

5. Philippines Call Centers Have Capabilities for High Volume

Outsourcing is not the same thing as downgrading. Other companies cut costs by cutting salaried employees from their payroll. This action actually hinders growth by reducing company assets like customer service and salespeople. Instead, reduction of costs through outsourcing allows you to keep up with the sales and customer service needs of your business still.

Call centers in the Philippines, like Loop Contact Solutions are able to sustain your needs, allowing you to level up rather than level down when trying to save your business money. These call centers are fully staffed with trained agents that help you carry out the complex issues you may need addressed for your business. For a lower price, you can get access more sales leads, more customer service agents, and better efficiency for your business.

Your clients will have an excellent experience with Philippine call center practice and speak to an agent quickly without overwhelming wait times that might dissuade them from wanting to make purchases. Agents are trained to specifically know the ins and outs of your business so that there is a seamless experience.

6. 24/7 Availability for Customers

You might be thinking that outsourcing to the Philippines will be inconvenient for your customers and business hours, however, Filipino call centers are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. These flexible hours all you to hire Filipino workers from wherever your business is located in the world.

Simply let your call center know what hours they need to be online for your business needs, and they will adequately staff the call center to fulfill your needs and requirements. With fully staffed day shifts and night shifts, BPO Philippines call centers are a perfect option for businesses who need flexibility for their customer support and sales.

24/7 support is easy to implement with a call center—something that would be more difficult to do in other countries where night time workers expect higher compensation for working nonstandard hours. If you’ve been interested in offering your customers round the clock care, consider BPO Philippines to get the job done better for cheaper.


All in all, Philippine call centers are more than equipped for BPO. They can fulfill the varying needs of companies from customer acquisition to customer retention and beyond. When looking for BPO opportunities in the Philippines, you should consider Loop Contact Solutions for all of your outsourcing needs. Loop Contact Solutions works with financial publisherse-commerce, and more.

Loop Contact Solutions is more than just a money-saving solution, it’s a money-making investment. Loop is the #1 outsourcing call center in the Philippines. With highly trained professionals that dedicate time and attention to your business, Loop call center employees use their top of the market talent skills to improve processes for your business.

Are you interested in using Loop Contact Solutions for your business? Talk to a BPO expert now for more information on outsourcing tasks to a call center in the Philippines. You can even try Loop Contact Solutions’ services for 90 days to make sure you’re confident in your decision to outsource!