How to Choose the Right Call Center in the Philippines for Your Business

Outsourcing to a Philippine call center can bring cost savings and an array of other benefits. But with so many options, choosing the right one can feel like an overwhelming process.

Let’s look at some of the most important factors to consider when choosing call centers in the Philippines and their benefits.

Why Clients Demand a Philippine Call Center

Why do clients choose Philippine call centers over other options? For starters, the average Filipino call center agent is fluent in English. Along with their enthusiasm and friendliness, they also bring the expertise of your product or service to each call they make or receive.

These are just a few of the many reasons businesses outsource to Philippine call centers. Other reasons include:

Save up to 60% on Costs

One of the main reasons businesses choose Philippine call centers is because of the cost savings. American business owners can save up to 60% simply by choosing a reputable call center in the country.

96% Literacy Rate

Philippine workers have an exceptionally high literacy rate of 96.28%. As a result, businesses gain peace of mind and confidence that their call center agents are prepared for BPO work.

High-Quality Results from Tech-Savvy Agents

Filipino workers are typically fluent in English, which allows them to assist customers with greater ease. They’re tech-savvy and can easily adapt to the ever-changing landscape of call center technology.

It’s no wonder the Filipino BPO industry has developed a global reputation for delivering high-quality work.

Access to Exceptional Talent

Philippine call center agents are specially trained and experienced in the art of customer care. Exceptional talent and an eye for detail help make these agents some of the best in the industry.

What Factors to Consider When Comparing Call Centers in Philippines

The advantages of outsourcing to a Philippine call center are hard to ignore. But finding the right one for your needs can be a challenge. There are several factors to consider when comparing your options, including:


When comparing call centers, expertise should be at the top of your list of considerations.

  • Does the call center have experienced agents?
  • Can they handle both inbound support and outbound sales?
  • Are they capable of working with multiple channels (email, phone, live chat, etc.)

When call centers are staffed with both talented sales agents and experienced customer support agents, they can provide well-rounded service to improve sales and customer retention.

The best call centers are those that can do it all, from cross-selling and up-selling to improved conversion rates.

Quality Assurance

Because call center agents work directly with customers, quality assurance is an essential factor to consider.

Look for call centers that have quality processes and procedures built-in to their services. Having a dedicated QA team is a sign that the center makes quality assurance a top priority.

Also, check to see if the center follows PCI compliance laws and is PCI DSS-certified to ensure they’re following the best security practices.

All of these factors will play an important role in the overall quality of the service provided by the call center.


Call centers that offer a customer-centric approach will provide better support and facilitate better outcomes for your business.

Along with quality service, agents should:

  • Work to solve problems quickly and within the first contact
  • Be able to manage multiple channels of communication
  • Have excellent sales and retention skills

Agents that have knowledge of your business will be able to provide the best support and service to your customers. They understand and can relate to your customers, allowing them to deliver the highest quality experience.

When customers are the top priority, retention and conversions improve.

Latest Technology

A quality call center adopts and optimizes technology to streamline processes, reduce errors and ensure an overall excellent customer experience. Make sure that you choose a call center that embraces and maximizes the use of technology.

When comparing your options, ask about their processes for handling sales, call recordings, data recording, customer complaints and other areas of concern.

What Size Businesses Does the Call Center Work With?

Call centers in Philippines – or worldwide – may or may not work with businesses your size. Demand in the industry is high, and for many centers, it is more financially worthwhile to work with large companies.

You need to find a center that is dedicated to your business’ success and works across multiple industries.

Our team:

  • Works with small businesses and large enterprises
  • Can provide one or two agents or dozens
  • Scales with your company as it grows

When researching a call center or discussing terms, it’s crucial to ask them if they’ll work with a business of your size.Loop Contact Solutions’ Philippines call center has all of these qualities and more. Contact us to discuss your call center needs.

Augment Your Marketing Team with Strategic Services

Call centers in the Philippines offer a wealth of services that can help your business grow its sales and improve customer service. One center may specialize in only customer support, while others can augment your marketing team, boost your revenue and even help you with customer retention.

When choosing the right call center for your business, answer the following questions first:

Do You Need Help with Customer Acquisition?

Keeping your sales pipeline full is crucial to business growth. You must acquire new customers to keep operations growing. Scaling an in-house marketing team is expensive and time-consuming.

Working with the right call center will empower your business by offering:

  • Inbound call services: Call centers can “pick up the phone” for you, helping your team leverage state-of-the-art inbound strategies and tactics to convert calls into sales. If your business needs these services, be sure that the call center you work with can manage complex calls, product inquiries and generate customers from prospects.
  • Outbound call services: Customer lists are the lifeline of many businesses. The right team can help you manage these lists, pitch to new, current and former customers, and generate more revenue for less. Strong teams can even cross-sell, upsell and help with customer retention.
  • Live chat sales: Chat is a fast and easy way for customers to ask questions about a product or service. Rapid, accurate responses will boost sales and close potential leads.
  • Lead generation: Send qualified leads to your sales team by utilizing skilled call center reps who make the first contact, drive interest and qualify the lead before contacting your team.

If your marketing team handles all of your customer acquisition, you can cross call centers that offer only customer acquisition off of your list.

Note: Our Philippine call center offers a variety of full-service solutions to help you grow your customer base, retain customers and offer them industry-leading support. We can cater our services to meet your business’ unique needs. We are proud to boast a 90% rate for inbound conversions and a 150% return on investment for our clients. Customer acquisition is one of our many specialties.

Do You Need Help with Customer Retention?

Repeat customers account for 65% of most business’ revenue. If you work on retaining customers, you’ll keep revenue steady, and the cost of retention is a lot less. Retention is a win-win for all parties.

Call centers can help you retain customers by:

  • Convincing customers to renew subscriptions when canceling or dealing with failed renewals
  • Talking to inbound callers and convincing them to stay
  • Answering cancellation emails and turning them into renewals

If you want to improve retention, the call center you choose should also work to resell alternatives or the same products to former customers.

Do You Need Help with Customer Support?

Customer support is the leading reason companies work with call centers. As your product or service grows, you need a talented, educated team to answer inquiries. Working with the right specialists allows you to:

  • Scale your customer service
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Save money on setup costs

A few of the many ways that customer support can help your business thrive are:

  • Customer service: Agents can resolve complaints, answer questions, address concerns, reduce cancellations and even help upsell or cross-sell during the support call.
  • Email support: Quick responses written fluently in the language of your customer and properly branded are necessary in the digital age. The right call center will expand support to email to better serve your customers.
  • Technical support: Customers have technical support needs that must be handled by call centers. Well-trained centers can help non-tech-savvy customers resolve issues and reduce cancellation rates.
  • Onboarding: Proper onboarding reduces customer friction when using your product. Agents may be able to help with onboarding, fixing issues that potential customers may have and increasing the chance that a new customer will turn into a long-term one.

If your team is struggling to maintain adequate response time, you want to find a call center that can handle simple and complex calls. Resolving concerns and issues on the first contact can even turn disgruntled customers into loyal ones.

Call centers in the Philippines can help you grow your business, retain customers and offer impeccable support.Click here to see how our Philippine call center can help your business generate more revenue and exceed customer expectations.