How to Choose the Best Customer Service Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines

Customer service can make or break a brand. Nevertheless, choosing a reliable customer service outsourcing provider is not a walk in the park. This is because the docket is sensitive, and you can’t give it to anyone. You must pick a competitive team to safeguard your brand’s reputation and productivity. But how do you choose the best customer service outsourcing provider in the Philippines?

The best way to choose a good customer service outsourcing provider is by considering several factors. Here are the qualities you should look for during a Philippines customer service outsourcing task.

1. Experience.

There are many customer service providers in the Philippines, and most are new. Therefore, you should look for a provider with enough experience in the industry. Hiring one is a considerable investment, and you can’t afford to delegate the duties to rookies. Make sure you choose a provider with at least 3 years of experience and an excellent track record.

Take enough time to know about their background and request case studies on how other companies in the industry rated their services. If the provider has a website, check the review session and establish what other customers say about them.

When choosing a Philippines customer service outsourcing provider, pick one with a proven history of success. Ensure they know how to handle your customer’s concerns and understand the common problems in the industry and how to solve them quickly.

2 . Prioritization of your Customer’s Success.

Your choice of customer service outsourcing provider in the Philippines should prioritize your company’s success. They should be dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to your customers throughout. But how do you know if they will fit in this bar? Find out if they want to learn more about your business, customers, and what you expect from them.

Pick a provider who sees you as a partner rather than a boss. Remember, you and the provider aim to offer exceptional customer support. A good Philippines customer service provider should help grow your company through excellent services.

3. Technology and Tools

Times have changed in almost all industries thanks to technology. You, therefore, need to ensure your company’s choice of a customer service provider is equipped with the right tools and the latest technology. The tools will enable the agents to serve your customers effectively and faster. Choosing a provider who uses advanced tools and the latest technology keeps your company ahead of your competitors by providing exceptional services to your customers. As a result, you will get loyal customers.

4. Innovation

The world is evolving dramatically, and within no time, your brand will grow. Therefore, you need a Philippines customer service outsourcing provider with plans for the future. Are they innovative, and does their vision blend with that of your company? What are their plans for improving the quality of their services? These questions will help you choose a provider that will satisfy you.

5. Security

Your customers’ data must be well-secured and handled with the utmost confidentiality. This is why you must hire a customer outsourcing provider that understands the importance of safeguarding any information related to your customers. Find out the systems they employ to prevent data leakages and other security issues that may pop up in the future. Also, find out if the provider has software and tools that help in data security.

6. Ability to stretch

Every investor wants their company to grow; as that happens, your customer also increases. This increases the demand for better customer service. You must ensure that your customers, regardless of the volume, get assistance whenever they call. Therefore, you must hire a customer service outsourcing provider that can stretch its resources as your customers increase.

Find out how the provider will manage the massive calls from your customers. This is more so when you launch a new product or service or during seasonal promotions and holidays. If you choose a vendor with enough manpower, you won’t have to look for another one when your company grows.

7. Timelines

Every company has its timelines for what needs to be done. The customers also want to be served without much waste of time. You should get a customer service outsourcing provider that understands timelines. Ensure they understand that time is an essential factor in business and that they have adequate reporting tools to optimize their delivery. This will help them keep track of all the activities that need to be done and do them on time. Proper time management increases efficiency and improves the overall quality of customer service.

8. Language

If you are running a global company, language can be a dilemma. Language barriers can make it difficult for your employees to understand your customers’ needs. Therefore, you must choose a customer service outsourcing provider whose agents have neutral accents. Ensure they can understand various languages, especially those of the countries your business is linked to. They may not know the language in detail, but at least let them be capable of using simple phrases or short sentences. Your customers will trust your brand if the agents communicate well with them.

9. Agent Retention Rate

Most customer service providers have internal issues that may affect their agent retention. Some fire their agents more often, which may be a red flag for your company. You don’t want to be training new agents now and then. So how do you know the agent retention rate of a provider? First, determine if the provider offers employees benefits such as health insurance, sick pay, etc. Also, request the turnover rate of their front-line customer service agents and the standard tenure of management. A tip is to go for a provider that handles their agents well.

10. Problem-Solving Skills.

Most customers are unable to diagnose their issues correctly by themselves. Your agents must know their exact problems before looking for a solution. This means they must first gather what went wrong and what the customer wants. For instance, if a customer sends an email stating that they have an issue with their account’s password, it means they want to log in to their account.

A good Philippines customer service outsourcing provider must be in anticipation of what your customers need and even go the extra mile to educate them on how to handle the problem in the future. In other words, a good customer service provider should offer advice or a solution that a customer doesn’t think is an option.

Signs you should outsource your customer service

While outsourcing for a customer service provider is essential, it’s difficult to establish when your company needs one. You may think your company is doing well without the customer service docket, but that may not be the case. So how do you know it’s time to outsource for customer service.? Watch out for the following signs.

1. Rapid Growth of your Company

Once our company begins to grow rapidly, it will be challenging to meet the demands of the many customers. Your savior, at this point, will be a customer service provider. An experienced provider can handle the drastic changes in your business and the customers’ needs. This way, the customers will receive their desired level of services, and your business will continue growing.

2. A failed customer service strategy

If your company spends a lot on complaints and refunds, it’s time to look for a customer service outsourcing provider. Nearly 60% of customers across the globe report that they will only do business with companies with good customer service. If the way you handle your customers is not working, you need a provider. Otherwise, you will eventually spoil your company’s reputation and suffocate the growth of your business.

3. You want to expand your business.

If you plan to extend your business to more new markets, reevaluation of your customer service department is critical. You, therefore, should outsource a provider to help you meet the needs of your new customer base for the growth of your business.


A customer service provider is essential in business. They ensure your customers are served well and satisfied, translating to growth. Now that you know how to choose a customer service outsourcing provider, it’s time to take action. Contact Loop for all your customer service needs. We boast a knowledgeable and committed team of agents that will take your business to greater heights.