How Contact Centers in the Philippines Excel in Omnichannel Customer Support

Omnichannel customer support provides a consistent customer experience across different channels without sacrificing context. Customers seeking help from a company with robust omnichannel customer support can pick up conversations where they stopped even when they move to another channel.

Businesses today will have their website, social media handles, SMS, and call lines. Customers need to be able to get in touch with your business through any channel they prefer, switch to another, and pick up where they left off without starting the process over again. An omnichannel customer support system is at the heart of enabling this.

However, running an effective omnichannel customer support wing is costly and challenging. Businesses needed to hire and routinely train employees while facilitating them with the latest technology. For most companies, this is too costly and is better off outsourced from a Philippines call center like Loop Contact Solutions.

In this blog post, we explore the omnichannel customer support industry in the Philippines to understand why their BPOs excel at this. We will also highlight how you can boost your business’s efficiency by partnering with a Philippines call center to offer omnichannel customer support.

How Did Contact Centers in the Philippines Become Popular?

Today, businesses worldwide identify the Philippines as the go-to destination for partnering with a call center. But this was not always the case. The BPO industry in the Philippines was not prominent until the start of the 90s, after investors flocked into the country following the establishment of the first call center.

When Frank Holz set up the first call center in the Philippines in 1992, he opened everyone’s eyes to the BPO industry’s potential in the country. Congress did not delay in joining this bandwagon with the 1995 passing of the Special Economic Zone Act that created the Philippines Economic Zone Authority to incentivize foreign companies to set up call centers in the Philippines.

With more international companies investing in these call centers and others bringing business to the Philippines, more Filipinos got the opportunity to work at these contact centers. The hardworking and self-driven nature of the population has made them a reliable asset to businesses looking to streamline their contact operations.

The BPO industry employs more than 1.3 million Filipinos, and with the country recording high literacy rates of over 90%, it continues to grow with a vast employee market to support it. Most Filipinos can also converse in English, an added advantage when they serve as customer support agents.

Defining Omnichannel Customer Support

Omnichannel customer support refers to the process of unifying your customer support procedures across different channels that your customers contact you through. The success of omnichannel customer support is hinged on having a consistent customer support system that ensures no loss of context when your customers contact your business via different channels.

Your business should be able to help the customer by continuing from where they left off the last time they contacted your company. A good example is if a customer inquires about your products on Twitter, they may see a recommendation on Instagram before ordering on your website and receiving shipment confirmation and updates via email or SMS.

Throughout this journey, the customer should not have to start over or introduce themselves again. Ensuring this consistency guarantees that your customer feels their time is valued by your business, which boosts their loyalty to your brand.

An efficient omnichannel customer support system gives you a competitive advantage over competitors in your niche while at the same time freeing up resources in-house for addressing other value-creating tasks.

Benefits Of Omnichannel Customer Support

There are several reasons why omnichannel customer support is necessary for a business and why you should consider Loop Contact Solutions.

a) Improves Customer Experience

Modern-day customers want the flexibility of contacting your business from the contact point of choice. Allowing them these options helps them contact your business faster, get help and enjoy your products and services more. It boosts the overall customer experience by ensuring consistency regardless of the channel. The customer retention rate also improves as a result.

b) Reduces Customer Effort

With an omnichannel customer support system in place, you significantly reduce customers’ effort to contact your customer support. Rather than start all over to describe their issue when switching from one channel to another, they can pick up where they left off and thus get assisted faster.

c) Enables Personalization

Omnichannel customer support makes it easier to personalize the experience for the customer by taking into consideration previous conversations with the customer before they switched the channel they were using. Next time you interact with the customer, you have an idea of who they are and what their issue is; thus, your brand can use a personalized approach that ensures the best user experience for the customer.

d) Supports Data-led Decision Making

Another benefit of omnichannel customer support with a Philippines call center is that it generates a wealth of data from customer interaction on different channels. Crucial marketing insights can be generated and implemented to improve a business’s success.

e) Gives a Business Competitive Advantage

When your business offers omnichannel customer support in your niche, it gains a competitive advantage over other businesses that may offer single or multichannel customer support. Your customers are guaranteed seamless support no matter the channel they begin and end the process with.

Why Philippines Contact Centers Excel in Omnichannel Support

The Philippines is known as the call center capital. Contact centers here excel in omnichannel customer support for various reasons.

Highly Skilled and Qualified Workforce

Compared to other parts of Asia, the Philippines is the most educated, with one of the highest literacy rates in the world, with more than 90% of the population. The education system also supports a smooth transition into colleges and universities, resulting in the Philippines having one of the most highly skilled workforces in South East Asia. Many of these work for contact centers offering omnichannel customer support to global businesses. With this constant supply of skilled labor, the Phillippines contact centers excel in omnichannel support.

Government Support

The Philippines government recognizes business process outsourcing as a major industry that employs more than a million citizens. For this reason, the government offers incentives for foreign BPO companies to set up shop in The Philippines and employ Filipinos. These companies get technological and other financial support that helps make their operations cost-effective. With this, many foreign and local investors have established omnichannel customer support centers catering to global clients.

English Proficiency

English is the universal business language. In the Philippines, it is one of the official languages; hence a large part of the Filipino population can converse in English. In the omnichannel customer support centers industry, Filipino omnichannel support agents can comfortably converse with US, UK, and Australian-based customers.

Digital Marketing Proficiency

Philippines call centers now train their employees in digital marketing, making them even more valuable assets for businesses outsourcing omnichannel customer support services. Proficiency in digital marketing and social media allows these Philippines call center support agents to offer your customers unrivaled support consistent with your brand across multiple channels.

Loop Contact Solutions Omnichannel Customer Support

At Loop Contact Solutions, we understand the importance of offering omnichannel customer support to your customers. We know businesses like yours are looking for a solution to their fragmented customer support system.

Our company has vast experience in offering omnichannel customer support to businesses worldwide, and as the number one Philippines call center, it is best placed to help you.

Contact us today to choose from our Philippines call center services, including email and phone support,customer acquisition , retention, and subscription management.

We’ve invested in the latest technology to support your business as it offers omnichannel customer support to your dear customers. We also routinely train and update our agents’ skills so they are at par with trends and best practices in omnichannel customer support.

What To Look For In a Philippines Omnichannel Customer Support Center

Not all Philippines omnichannel customer support call centers are made equal. Before partnering with a call center, use the following criteria to gauge its suitability to your business needs.

Experience In Your Industry

The longer the BPO has served businesses in your industry and helped them successfully offer omnichannel customer support, the better. Insists on reading the case studies on each client to see if the call center is your ideal partner for improving the customer experience.


Your business budget is crucial when selecting a call center to partner with for omnichannel customer support in the Philippines. It is recommended to choose a partner that offers flexible pricing. At Loop Contact Solutions, our flexible pricing model allows your brand to scale its operations efficiently over time.

Technological Investment

The Philippines call center you decide to partner with to offer omnichannel customer support to your customers should have invested in the latest technology to ensure exemplary customer support. The call center should work to help your business become more efficient by investing in technology that supports their agents to offer your customers the best support.


Omnichannel customer support is a must-have in the modern business world. Partnering with a Philippines call center like Loop Contact Solutions can ensure you offer your customers a seamless omnichannel customer support experience. Consider the BPOs experience, your budget, and your brand’s needs when partnering with a Philippines call center.