How BPO Can Boost Your Lead Generation Process

When a company adopts the motto “go big or go home” things start to get exciting. But to achieve that goal, management teams have some tough decisions to make. But those decisions all come down to one main focus: how to skyrocket profits whilst reducing or maintaining spending.

One of the best ways to achieve that focus is through BPO (business process outsourcing). And by outsourcing your lead generation process you can boost your company’s bottom line in more ways than you thought possible.

By partnering with a reputable communication provider, such as Loop, you’ll acquire the expertise of their lead generation processes without the financial investment needed to extend your own in-house operations.

But let’s show you the benefits of business process outsourcing your lead generation to maximize your sales.

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Process

1. Maximize Growth

Lead generation is all about maximizing your sales. Your sales team might be ace but they need leads to sell to. If your sales operatives have a finite number of leads or if the same team are also juggling lead generation then your company could do better.

BPO your lead generation can funnel a higher volume of potential customers to your sales team to work their magic on. And by outsourcing your lead generation you are still growing your business without changing the size of your team or your premises.

The growth in your sales, and therefore your profits, can help your company grow in other areas. So, if you’re a business looking for horizontal expansion without having to invest in the infrastructure to accommodate it, or you’re a start-up with a global market in your sights, outsourcing your lead generation is a great way to achieve it.

2. Reduce Costs

Reducing costs is always going to interest your board and your shareholders. And there are a number of ways you can save by outsourcing your lead generation. If you’re expanding your business or revising budgetary decisions, you can outsource your lead generation without having to expand your existing team. And you can save workforce payroll spending by choosing different types of BPO for lead generation.

Onshore or domestic outsourcing can reduce your salary expenditure depending on your company’s payroll policies or government workforce legislation. And by outsourcing, your company would no longer be responsible for the salary, insurance, medical cover, pension, or any other expense related to in-house operatives.

By choosing offshore outsourcing for your lead generation process with respected companies such as Loop, you could significantly reduce your company’s spend. Other countries have different expectations and government legislation regarding pay and the workforce. This doesn’t mean overseas workforces are exploited, but their region’s cost of living, support networks, and other factors may result in a cheaper deal than you might pay for the same service from a domestic communications partner.

3. Smart Restructure

Your business may have built a brilliant team but because of pivots your business may have made or simply through business growth, your workers are juggling tasks or processes they are over-qualified for. It’s a real waste of resources.

If you BPO your lead generation process you could redeploy your workforce in areas of the business that would benefit from their undivided attention. By outsourcing your lead generation to Loop you’ll potentially be freeing up the time used by higher-paid operatives to do work suited to their paygrade, such as refocusing on core business functions.

4. Expert Partners

Expertise takes training and time. But your company may lack both for lead generation. There’s a solution – if you look outside your business for both. By partnering with an expert in lead generation you’ll feel the increase in sales almost instantly. Why save money recruiting and training a workforce to do something professional communications services already provide?

Here at Loop, we’ve invested in getting the best operatives to streamline your sales funnels and we have the stats to prove their effectiveness. We’ve already got a track record that could take your company years to create. So, by outsourcing your lead generation to Loop, our expertise is shown in your results.

5. Security Systems

Growth requires upgrades in security requirements, especially for lead generation that deals with sensitive information. Your company’s existing security systems might need to be extended or they might be a little antiquated.

Investing in updated security measures for your hardware and software can be costly. But it’s an expense that you can offload if you outsource any of your comms but particularly your lead generation process.

Providing you partner with reputable companies that have transparent security protocols, like we have a Loop, your businesses’ data will be protected from breaches in security with no additional investment from you.

6. Build B2B and B2C Trust

Authenticity and trust are hard to achieve. So your business will want to hold onto its hard-won reputation. Through BPO for lead generation, you can increase that trust through the professionalism of trained specialists.

The success of your lead generation process will increase your trust in your communications partner. They in turn will benefit from your continued business relationship. And continued mutual support between company and partner can be a great foundation for trust between businesses and customers.

Loop are lead generation process experts. And we can create a favorable first impression that builds a reputation to be proud of – from the very first contact. So whether your leads are B2B or B2C, we’ll initiate brand trust which your sales team can sustain through the closing process.

7. Streamline Sales Communications

Your business might be the best in its field. But not all businesses can be the best at everything. And as your company grows or changes you might find your current lead generation is no longer fit for purpose.

By using BPO for your lead generation process your current workforce can work faster or smarter at other points in your sales funnel. Not only this but by partnering with a company that is already an expert in marketing communications, they may have the skills your company needs to streamline your systems.

Loop has a failsafe six-stage lead generation process. So by outsourcing to us, we’ll automatically be streamlining your lead generation process to help maximize your company’s efficiency.

8. Adaptable Services

Your company might expand or change depending on your goals. You can use BPO to your advantage at these points. Marketing and communications specialists offer a range of services which can be added or dispensed with depending on your company’s needs.

With strong salesmanship, Loop can utilize a range of tactics to improve your lead generation. But they also offer a host of other marketing and communication services to help boost your company sales or streamline your comms. You can adapt your partnership with us to accommodate the changing nature of your front office operation requirements.

9. White Label Anonymity

Your company can use BPO anonymously. Most marketing and communication services offer their skills under the umbrella branding of your company. And for lead generation, it’s no different. Your outsourced partner’s operatives know they are often the first point of contact for your business and first impressions count.

At Loop, this aspect of our lead generation service is a point of pride. We use dedicated agent teams that are handpicked for your business. They then undergo at least a week of formal training dedicated to understanding your business and its goals. We know that high quality requires dedicated and focused employees, and that’s exactly what our operatives provide for you.

10. Maximize Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Businesses could be missing out on tons of potential leads because their current lead generation process isn’t running efficiently. BPO for lead generation will help your business to efficiently find, qualify, and turn those potential leads into qualified leads and hand them over to your sales team.

Loop can handle outbound leads (leads that haven’t contacted you or are expecting you to contact them) and inbound leads (leads from your marketing, whether that’s inbound – phone, live chat, email, social media, SMS, LinkedIn etc) with the same agents. This enables us to generate more leads and more qualifications with maximum efficiency.

Outsource Your Lead Generation Process Today

To see sales rise and your lead generation processes streamlined, contact Loop today. We see it as our lead generation process mission to turn leads – whether ice cold, lukewarm, warm, or hot, into qualified leads, and present them to you on a silver platter.

And if that sounds too good to be true we have the stats to prove it. You can expect an average 150% return on your investment with us. It’s down to our finessed lead generation process that our customers also experience 90% inbound conversions.

But don’t take our word for it. Our satisfied clients are happy to share their feedback. Bob Jesson, of Solid State Optronics, says Loop were ‘instrumental in transforming contact centers into profit centers by increasing bottom line margins’. And Roger Michalski of Eagle Financial Publications says Loop brings ‘ideas and opportunities’ to them.

We’d hate to see all those potential leads pass your company by. Outsource your led generation process to Loop – today!