8 Reasons Why Companies Use Overseas Call Centers

Many companies benefit from outsourcing their customer service and support lines, whether small businesses or Fortune 500 enterprises. Sometimes, this is due to limited resources or a desire to focus on core business activities. Other times, companies want to improve their customer service without the high costs of an internal team. Regardless, outsourcing can be an effective solution for optimizing customer care.

One popular choice is partnering with a BPO provider located overseas, particularly in the Philippines. However, it is important to understand why so many companies make this choice to determine if it is right for you. Considering all factors, you can decide if Philippines call centers can match your needs, satisfy your customers, and improve your bottom line.

Take a look at the top eight reasons why companies choose to work with offshore call centers:

1. Immense Cost Savings

The main reason companies partner with overseas call centers is to reduce costs. They can avoid the expenses of building infrastructure, acquiring and upgrading assets, and hiring a full internal team. Furthermore, they can sidestep ongoing costs such as high wages, benefits, taxes, training, and upskilling.

Some international governments invest in telecommunications infrastructure and offset call center costs to support their countries’ economies. The Philippines is world-renowned for having this backing, passing laws to attract foreign investments for further infrastructure and networks. These make it easier for BPO providers to manage overhead costs instead of passing them on to their clients.

Likewise, labor costs are often significantly lower overseas than in North America and Europe. American companies must pay their agents a decent wage, meeting federal or state minimum wage requirements of anywhere from $7.25 to $17.00 per hour. Additionally, if their employees possess experience or education, their compensation should reflect that. However, outsourcing to Philippines call centers can save up to 50% on labor costs. Since the cost of living is low, their agents receive an adjusted value considerably lower than the standard American wage.

2. Exceptional Service Packages

Companies can provide exceptional customer service when they work with offshore BPO providers. Call centers that offer full-service packages can handle everything, including lead generation ,customer acquisition and sales, subscription management and renewals, upselling, customer service, technical support, and customer retention. Plus, their agents can communicate over multiple channels like telephone calls, e-mail, and live chats. In this way, companies can meet customer needs, improve the customer experience, and reach their business goals.

Fortunately, business owners do not need to worry about paying for unnecessary services since many call centers allow customized packages. Ultimately, this ensures that companies always receive what they need without hiring and managing an internal team.

3. High-Quality Call Center Services

High-quality call center services ensure companies feel confident about outsourcing their customer service departments. They do not need to sacrifice their customer satisfaction or brand experience to save on labor costs. Rather, they can experience ‘the best of both worlds’ with knowledgeable, skilled agents performing excellent services at low rates.

Numerous international call centers train their agents extensively, surpassing the level of training typically provided to North American or European agents. Philippines call centers may lead these efforts, as their government designed an education system specializing in call center training. It equips individuals with the core knowledge and essential skills necessary to be successful in the industry. On top, specific call centers may offer supplementary training and upskilling to ensure their agents are a step above their competition. Since Filipino call center agents have low turnover rates, they continue showcasing excellence throughout their careers.

Moreover, overseas call centers understand that their leaders set quality service standards. Since this is the case, their team and floor managers always have top-notch leadership skills. They also receive training on the specific business, brand, and goals to ensure they are matching their clients’ needs. Then, they closely monitor their agents to ensure they meet their targets and surpass quality control standards. In this way, they can provide both businesses and customers remain impressed with the service and always experience a high level of consistency in every department.

4. 24/7 Support

It is increasingly important for businesses to be available to their customers whenever they need assistance or service. It can greatly improve overall customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, limited company hours and different time zones can make it difficult for customers to reach companies. It can be frustrating to figure out when to contact a company or wait hours or days for a response.

International call centers offer a fantastic solution to this issue, as their time zones can complement North American time zones nicely. In particular, Philippines call centers work daylight hours while American companies are fast asleep. Moreover, many BPO providers in the Philippines provide around-the-clock support and care.

5. Americanized Language and Culture

Many companies in the United States and worldwide prefer to have an Americanized brand voice and tone. It is heavily associated with quality, transparency, and integrity, which consumers respect and value highly. Since this is the case, it is preferable if call center agents speak native English and understand American culture.

Fortunately, plenty of English-speaking overseas call centers realize the importance of this ideal. These centers ensure that their agents can speak with customers at a conversational level. Yet, the Philippines is known to be one of the best BPO partners due to its high English proficiency level. Their education system helps individuals to learn English during their schooling years, allowing them to speak the language like native speakers. Moreover, the country has culture closely mirrors North America’s, so their agents can easily understand casual speech, slang, idioms, and other language nuances. Ultimately, this makes it easier for them to engage with customers, understand their questions or concerns, and respond in kind.

6. Advanced Technology

Companies that maintain their own call centers for customer service, support, or sales incur significant upfront and ongoing expenses. They must build or use telecommunications systems, purchase and maintain equipment, upgrade technology to match their needs and invest in suitable security systems to protect sensitive data. Since this is the case, they may outsource customer service departments to save on these costs.

BPO firms may or may not manage the same costs in other countries. However, since large call centers cater to numerous clients, they can offset these costs easily; in other words, clients only incur a small fraction of these expenses while receiving all the same benefits. Likewise, countries like the Philippines lower these costs even further through government support and foreign investments. Accordingly, they can afford the latest, cutting-edge technology that supports their clients’ interests. For example, they may invest in multiple communication channels, highly secure networks, cloud software, artificial intelligence, or machine learning to produce the best services.

7. Full Attention on Business Needs

Business owners who outsource to offshore call centers gain freedom and flexibility with the rest of their business. They gain the time and capital to invest in their core competencies. Additionally, as they leave their customer service to experts in the field, their customer acquisition, sales, and customer loyalty may begin to soar. Accordingly, their company may grow and thrive in new ways.

In response to their newfound success, businesses can scale up or down with the help of their preferred call center. They may wish to cut down on services where they do not see traction or may want to expand into new types of customer service or support experiences. They can contact their team to discuss changes if they work with Philippines call centers, like Loop Contact Solutions.

8. The Competitive Advantage

It is no secret that starting and growing a company within the United States can be a challenge; many industries are full of similar products and services. Businesses must perform exceptionally well in impressing their customers and save on costs wherever possible without compromising their bottom line.

Partnering with overseas call centers is an effective way for businesses to accomplish both objectives at the same time. By outsourcing one of their biggest and highest priority departments to Philippines call centers, they choose educated and experienced agents, customized packages and services to match their needs, and a high level of quality control. Most importantly, they save up to 50% of the capital they would otherwise spend on internal customer service teams.

The strategy gives them an exceptional edge across the nation and even internationally. Their customers can always count on them to deliver excellent services, which boosts brand image and identity, improves customer experience, and secures higher customer acquisition and sales figures long-term.

The Leading Offshore Call Center: Loop Contact Solutions

It may be crystal clear why so many North American and European businesses work with overseas call centers. Namely, they can significantly reduce labor and overhead costs and offer high-quality customer service. Accordingly, they stand to obtain incredible results and stay ahead of their competition. However, they can discover even more benefits if they partner with reliable call centers like Loop Contact Solutions in the Philippines.

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