How to Choose the Right BPO Provider in the Philippines

Your business is primed for success when it can focus on the core functions it excels at. Outsourcing other routine and non-core activities such as accounting, data entry, and customer support frees your in-house team to do specialized work your business is known for.

If you are looking to tap into this “business superpower” of specialization, then business process outsourcing (BPO) is what your company needs. BPO helps your venture tap into a pool of talented experts at a fraction of what hiring and training them in-house would cost. Scaling becomes easier and more feasible in this instance.

The BPO industry in the Philippines is behind the success of many American companies that are tapping into this industry with more than 1.3 million workers to help them compete sustainably. Filipinos are known for their dedication to work and boast a record high 95% literacy rate, with bilingualism as one of their main specializations.

Clearly, choosing a BPO Philippines partner is a no-brainer for your business’ prosperity. But how do you know which is the right BPO provider for you? The next few paragraphs will cover the main things to consider.

Determine Your Outsourcing Needs

The main consideration here is what is your main business and what functions can best be handled outside the company to help everyone else excel in their role. Different BPO providers will offer different catalogs of services.

The best approach is to choose a company that caters to more than one of the processes you want to outsource to ensure all your outsourced functions are under one provider. This approach allows for easier monitoring and helps reduce overall costs and the hassle of dealing with different providers. Another key consideration when determining your outsourcing needs is the budget available and timeline. Partnering with a BPO needs to be more affordable than having an in-house team but provide the same quality of service and functionality, if not better.

Do A Thorough Online Search For BPO Providers In The Philippines

Research the top BPO providers in the Philippines and extend to lesser-known ones with high ratings and good reviews from previous clients. The BPO provider industry in the Philippines is filled with a plethora of options to match each of your business needs.

Loop Contact Solutions’ Philippines call center goes that extra mile to ensure your business operates at the best level possible. We offer multiple solutions, including;

Our service speaks for itself, and we boast a client history of some of the leading US companies and brands that trust us to help them handle processes for them.

We routinely recruit and train highly-skilled and efficient team members that will take care of your business processes with the passion, focus, and dedication they need to help spur your growth.

Evaluate The BPO Providers

It is one thing to read good reviews of a BPO provider and another to thoroughly evaluate their services by yourself.

While online reviews and ratings may offer a glimpse into their experience handling the tasks you want to outsource, only by interacting with their service page can you determine if the provider fits your business needs.

It is recommended to visit the BPO company’s website and thoroughly evaluate how partnering together would look for you.

In your quest to do this, try and establish their expertise and past experience handling similar tasks to what you would like to outsource. Dig deeper and know if their track record is stellar or if there are red flags to be aware of.

The quality of their technology and infrastructure is a must-consider at this point to ensure that if you decide to proceed with a partnership, your business and customers get the best service and experience.

While evaluating their capacity technology-wise, it is also an excellent idea to probe their recruitment and training methods. When working with a BPO provider, you want one that recruits the best talent specialized in what you want to outsource. Moreover, the in-house training program and upskilling efforts should check for you and give you the confidence that you will continuously get top-of-the-shelf quality BPO service.

Culture Fit

A successful company is only as good as its culture. When you’ve spent immense resources on training and facilitating your employees to create and adopt a certain company culture, it is only right to partner with a BPO provider with a culture that matches your business’s.

A good culture fit with your company means that customers will receive the same quality service regardless of whether customer support functions or any other processes are outsourced or not. Moreover, it helps ensure that the employees at the BPO provider are an extension of your in-house team rather than a disjointed part of it.

Effective communication skills also fall in this category and are essential to consider to get the best out of your partnership with the BPO provider in the Philippines. Whether it is liaising with your in-house team or handling customer issues, a BPO provider that pairs you with a team that can communicate effectively helps to streamline your business operation.

Lastly, while evaluating the culture fit, consider the employees’ work ethic at the BPO provider. Is there availability something that will work well for your company’s needs? Are they a self-driven team that will do all it takes to ensure your business operates without challenges? Conclusive answers to these questions ensure you can narrow down to the right BPO provider in the Philippines.

Negotiate The Terms And Conditions

With all the above considerations made carefully, the last step in choosing the right BPO provider in the Philippines is negotiating the terms and conditions of the partnership.

Here, start with an overview of the scope of tasks the provider will handle on your brand’s behalf.

Negotiating this part is crucial for ensuring you get the best services under one roof and do not have to deal with multiple companies simultaneously. A good BPO provider allows you to increase and decrease the scope of work flexibly with prior communication.

Pricing is key, as well as it ensures you are staying within your budget and getting exceptional BPO services from the provider you are partnering with.

A fair pricing model is necessary to ensure you get value for your money. Most BPO providers will give you a custom price, and it is essential to put your best negotiation skills to the test.

Other contract terms and conditions you must cover include data security measures and privacy. Data is at the heart of business competitive advantage today.

You need to get into an agreement with the BPO provider on what are the best practices when it comes to data handling. At the least, you want a BPO partner that can offer a data recovery plan in case of a breach.

The negotiations also need to clarify what will be the role of both parties. A clear distinction between these roles helps to avoid conflict and provides a clear path for resolving any issues that may arise.

Why Choose Loop Contact Solutions As Your Philippines BPO Provider

Loop Contact Solutions is a premier business process outsourcing company based in the Philippines dedicated to helping businesses become more efficient by managing key functions on their behalf. Some of the reasons why Loop Contact Solution is the right BPO provider to choose in the Philippines include the following;

a) Multi-industry expertise – We specialize in the e-commerce and financial publishing industries to help you scale your online store and financial media to the next level.

b) Multi-solution provider – With us, you can outsource several tasks ensuring that your business runs on autopilot. We cater to your customer acquisition, support, retention, growth, and subscription management needs.

c) Advanced technology – We understand that exception business process outsourcing services are not feasible without investment in the right technology. We boast the latest technology in the field, ensuring we can support your company effectively.

d) Exceptional recruitment and training – Our recruitment team comprises professionals with vast experience in the BPO industry so that we can tap into the best talent on the market and train them efficiently to have the highest work ethic and up-to-date skills.

In Conclusion

The process of choosing the right BPO provider in the Philippines for your business is one that you must approach with an elaborate strategy to ensure you find the appropriate partner for your success.

As this blog post has elaborated, understanding your needs is the genesis of making the right pick. Consider which tasks you would like to outsource, the budget available, and the type of workplace culture you want to see.

Training and technology are also key in ensuring a successful BPO provider partnership. Consider these guidelines to choose the right BPO provider in the Philippines for your business.

At Loop Contact Solutions, we are consistently innovating to ensure we can offer our clients the best service and support they need to grow their businesses.