Subscriber Experience Management

Subscriber Experience Management

Strategic customer engagement ensuring long-term loyalty and repeat business.


End-to-End Service Capability

Service and value at all touchpoints.
There are many reasons why subscribers need to get in touch, and you need to be in touch with them. We have it covered.

Whether it is supporting new subscribers through sales and on-boarding processes, engaging technical support, dealing with account enquiries, or running subscriber surveys to measure customer satisfaction and ways to improve it, Loop has the end-to-end capability to engage your customers anywhere in their customer journey to serve both your and their needs.


Technical Support That Builds Loyalty

Turning problems into satisfied customers and reduced costs.
Technical Support can make or break a customer’s desire to stay a customer. Our salesforce reps are trained and ready to promptly resolve customer technical concerns. We solve problems and patiently help subscribers to successfully navigate their services, minimizing their requirements for future technical assistance.

Holistically, our expertise, people, processes, and technology keep us on top of your common customer technical concerns. We proactively monitor resolutions and follow-up as warranted to ensure continuous-improvement implantations in controllable product and service performance across your entire subscriber base. We pro-actively escalate issues as warranted to resolve systemic, recurring problems that require management or developer intervention to aggressively resolve.

These technical-assistance, monitoring, and continuous improvement approaches increase customer loyalty and reduce your costs delivering technical support.


Consumer Insights and Market Analysis

Creating and Maintaining a Competitive Edge
We are big on analytics and market analysis, using what we learn to enhance customer satisfaction leading to improved sales performance. We carry our view beyond simply understanding your current customers. We make it our business to understand your industry, market trends, new players, and your competitors to enhance our efforts to better serve your customers in context with the larger marketplace they encounter. Armed with industry knowledge and trends, we fine-tune our communications and agent training to help keep you a step ahead of your competition.