Churn Management

Churn Management

Subscriber retention solutions to increase value and reduce costs

Churn Number 1

Identify churn triggers

Examples are subscribers with: very low or no usage; frequent complaints; recurring and unresolved issues; approaching average-retention lifespans; fast-approaching subscription end dates; billing problems; How to Cancel web page visits; and many more.

Monitor subscriber behavior and circumstances

Churn Number 2

Sort and monitor subscribers for proactive cancellation preventions with auto-generated alerts signaling that churn triggers are present.

Churn Number 3

Solve churn triggers proactively

Loop’s proactive strategies include: subscriber touch-base solutions for low- or non-usage; special subscriber support for recurring complaints; systemic churn-prevention technology for common payment-systems problems; touch-base solutions for How to Cancel web page visitors; proactive renewal solutions; aging-customer retention strategies; and many more.

Engage cancelling subscribers

Churn Number 4

Cancellation channels are set up to engage subscribers attempting to cancel, providing seamless options to easily engage reps trained to resolve their issues before they bolt; and seamless follow-up initiatives effective for promptly reinstating recently cancelled subscribers.

Churn Number 5

Assign a retention expert

Retention experts are assigned to support subscribers making contact to cancel subscriptions. Successful retention conversations are initiated that prove effective at preventing cancellations and may include: resolving unresolved issues; offering downgrades, upgrades, or relevant cross-sells; extending free trials or paid subscriptions; alternate pricing and payment options; and many more, keeping the subscriber in the active, satisfied customer list.

Provide consistent support

Churn Number 6

Saved subscribers are monitored and given preferential, personalized, and proactive treatment, as warranted and feasible, by assigned retention experts until triggers indicate at-risk subscribers are “clear”.

Churn Number 7

Win back former subscribers

Utilizing Former Subscriber Analytics, former subscribers are scheduled for reliable reacquisition solutions that consistently turn former customers into active paying customers, bringing new revenue to your company’s bottom line.