6 Ways to Stop Churn with Call Center Customer Satisfaction

LOOP uncovers six ways to stop churn through call center customer satisfaction.

Churn is the number threat to subscription businesses. You work hard to create the best product or service in the market, set aside big budgets for marketing and technical support, and yet, somewhere along the way, huge chunks of your customers are unsubscribing.

Some business owners are misled into believing that the best way to fight churn is to attract more new customers to compensate the loss. This is a terrible strategy. Instead, you should invest in keeping the customers you already have, and the only way to do this is to achieve customer satisfaction.

Here are a few opportunities that your call center can maximize to win the fight against churn:

Opportunity #1: Quality Service

The quality of your customer service impacts your business in more ways than you think. Done well, it can be a competitive differential. Otherwise, it can drive away the very people your business exists to serve.

How can you tell if your call center is working toward the first? Here are a few telling signs. Do you have:

  1. Customer satisfaction survey scores of 95% or better?
  2. High first contact resolution rates?
  3. An ever-growing list of positive customer feedback?
  4. Steady stream of actionable, consumer-sourced insights that you can use to improve your products?
  5. Knowledgeable, polite, and caring agents?

If the answer is “yes” to all, then it’s a profitable partnership.

But if you’re leaning towards “no” on all accounts, consider it room for improvement. While quality customer service is a no-brainer for most businesses, putting it into application is often devilishly challenging.

Opportunity #2: Proactive Problem Management

“I’m not enjoying the service”, “It’s hard to use”, “It doesn’t work right”, “It’s not what I expected” … these are all typical customer complaints. Left unaddressed, it will give way to dissatisfaction and, eventually, churn.

The problem with most call center services is that they rely solely on reactive measures, when what subscription businesses really need is proactive problem management. To be proactive simply means to have the initiative and foresight or the ability to identify and prevent future issues from happening in the first place.

Consider this scenario: the customer calls in with a problem and your service team fixes it. Even if troubleshooting is successful, they will still end up frustrated that they had the problem in the first place and had to go through the inconvenience of calling in.

But what if instead of them calling in, someone chatted or called them up to say that they knew about the problem and wanted to help, then solves it quickly and efficiently. The customer is offered a free extension, an add-on, or some other token of appreciation.

Which is ideal for the customer? It’s the same problem but, with the better second approach, the customer is delighted and they might even recommend you to friends. It’s simple, really: Reach out to your customer first, and you can prevent dissatisfaction or churn.

Opportunity #3: Multi-Channel Support

Subscribers expect to consume their subscription anywhere, anytime, and on any device, and they expect to find support anywhere, anytime and on any device. Their lives are getting more connected and fast-paced, and businesses are constantly being challenged to keep up.

To be multi-channel is no longer an option; it’s a mandate. Sure, it still pays to have landline support, but your customers are also using live text and video chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, e-mail and SMS to reach you. The question is: Can they reach you where it’s most convenient to them?

Realign your customer service to where your subscribers expect it to be. If they know that they can connect with you easily—whether through the phone, social media, e-mail or live chat, this will boost their loyalty to your business.

That said, when planning for multi-channel support, you should also consider…

Opportunity #4: Mobile-first Solutions

The world is more mobile than it’s ever been. This is our reality: People spend more time consuming products and services, finding entertainment and information, and connecting with others through their smartphones than any other device.

To remain competitive, your customer service teams should be available on these mobile features:

  • Mobile-friendly live-chat in your website and apps
  • Facebook messenger and Facebook comments
  • Twitter direct message and Tweet replies
  • Click-to-call website feature
  • SMS

Opportunity #5: Routine Interactions

Your agents’ day-to-day interactions with subscribers are teeming with opportunities to build customer satisfaction and loyalty. What is your call center doing to achieve this? If their answer is to provide technical support and troubleshooting, they are correct but this answer is also too simplistic.

The goal of your customer service should be to add value to the customer experience. To do that, you must go beyond traditional service.

In every successful transaction, have your agents appreciate and thank the customer for their business. Find no-cost ways to show it through bonus materials, short-term trials to add-ons and optional features, or assistance. Positively enforce help when they are struggling with proper usage of the product. Encourage your agents to be proactive problem managers. They should be able to spot and prevent risks, hidden issues and other red flags that may turn up later on.

Surprise the customer, go beyond normal customer service, and you will build beyond normal customer satisfaction.

Opportunity #6: Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The best way to really know what your customers think of your offerings is to ask them. Market research and industry experts may be able to offer great wisdom, but the best insight always comes from the customer.

Have your call center customer satisfaction team regularly conduct surveys to gather feedback on your products. Cross-examine the quitters, your most loyal patrons and the in-between segments. Ask them what they like about your service and what they don’t. Take a peek of their wish lists and inquire for ideas on how you can make their experience with the product better.

On top of customer surveys, request for input from your call center agents. Have them formulate insights based on their own first-hand dealings with the customers. Your agents will be able to provide valid observations straight from the frontline.

From there, you can create specific strategies to:

  • Do or offer more of what your customers like.
  • Get rid of what they don’t.
  • Constantly make improvements on their experience.

Customer satisfaction is the name of the game, and your best partner is a contact center who knows the ins and outs of the subscription business model.

At Loop Contact Solutions, we have the right strategies to help your subscription business win the fight against churn, and grow your recurring revenues and profits. Our Subscriber Experience Management Solution is the ONLY quality contact center solution that meets all 6 of the key strategies above.

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